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There are numerous potholes on both traveling lanes to and from the school. There is an extremely large pothole in the middle of the travel lanes leaving the school that covers much of the road with additional potholes surrounding. These were "fixed" within the last couple months but the patches did not work and they have been a nuisance since the last snow storm in March. A larger re-pavement of the entire entrance/exit of the school is probably due over the summer but a better patch job is needed ASAP. It's dangerous when vehicles have to swerve to avoid the potholes during heavy traffic times of the day.

also asked...
Q. How big is the pothole?
A. More than 12 inches
Q. Where on the road is the pothole?
A. Travel Lane
Q. Please provide the address of the Pothole location including city and zip code
A. 310 Governor Stone Parkway Millersville, MD 21108
Q. Please enter the closest cross street to the pothole (Only include street name and type. Example: Main St.).
A. Rustling Oaks Drive

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