Home still in disrepair from tornado of 2011, attracting attention from persons experiencing homelessness Archived

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This is a follow-up from a post that was made last year about 109 Seawell Ave. Since the City responded last year and closed the ticket, there has only been only 3-4 instances where someone comes to work on the house to improve its condition. I was fine with it until I noticed two different times that someone was checking out the house and investigating how to get into it. I know who owns the home and it was not the owner who was investigating the entry points. It was a man that frequently walks in the neighborhood with a black duffle bag who appears to be experiencing homelessness. I would much rather this man receive assistance to find a safe place to live and not have to find an abandoned house to shelter him. Please let me know if anything can be done to improve this structure. It has been abandoned and in disrepair since the tornado of 2011. Thank you for your time.

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