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Abandoned Vehicle on the Street


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an out of service/ untagged vehicle, a pile of bricks and debris, and 2 unsanctioned traffic control devices / road cones have been abandoned on a very public portion of our street for almost 2 years. the car has a flat tire and the bricks are taking up quite a bit of the public street and potential parking. these are eye sores and could potentially be dangerous to neighborhood kids. I'm asking if you could visit the house that owns these items and encourage the owners to move them onto their own private property. our parking is already lacking here and it really brings down the look of our neighborhood. I would gladly remove the bricks myself if the owner prefers that. I just want the bricks and abandoned vehicle gone. thank you

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Q. Make and model of the vehicle
A. it is a brown older / early 90s model. either a Honda or Nissan. I will update when I get a closer look in a bit.
Q. How long has vehicle been abandoned
A. 2 years

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