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Police Non-Emergency

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  • 102 W Furnace Branch Rd Glen Burnie, MD 21061, USA - Ferndale
    A tow truck has been sitting there for weeks.
  • 12 Defense St Annapolis, MD 21401, USA - Parole
    Lady Law van has been sitting for quite awhile, an officer informed the owner to move it from the property before and now it is back.
  • 1704 Tacoma Rd Edgewater, MD 21037, USA - Londontowne
  • Fallsway Dr Crofton, Maryland - Crofton
  • 415 Old Riverside Road Baltimore, Maryland - Brooklyn Park
    The make is unknown. The car was dropped off by a tow truck. It has no tags and is it not running. It is covered with a blue tarp.
  • Mulberry Ct. Edgewater, Maryland - Londontowne

    We have a dangerous situation with an overly-crowded cul-de-sac from cars being left for an extended period of time and other’s parking head-in instead of in a parallel fashion.

    If there were a fire or emergency, there is not enough working room for fire trucks and equipment to access the houses and hydrants. In addition, and maybe even more concerning on a daily basis, the court is where the neighborhood kids play and it's causing a major safety concern for the kids. These cars are blocking traffic and causing a blind spot for cars coming into the cul-de-sac and it's only a matter of time before a child gets hit. These cars have turned the court into a parking lot and this is a major safety hazard and eye sore.

    In the opinion of many of the neighbors, the curbs need to be painted to only allow parallel parking (no head-in parking), and no parking should be allowed within 15 feet of the hydrant or blocking any sidewalk ramps, etc. In addition, to slow down cars, a speed bump should be considered.

    This a neighborhood where 27 of the 34 homes have at least 2 kids, and the court happens to be where many of them play on a daily basis. Let’s not wait until a tragedy happens to make a few simple and inexpensive changes to the curbs. Please help!

    Collin Meerholz
    114 Mulberry Ct.

  • 1052 Broadview Dr Annapolis, MD 21409, USA - Cape St. Claire
    12-3-102(c)(4) within 30 feet of approach to flashing signal/stop sign/traffic control signal
  • Tyler Ave Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    Green Towncar parked between 1330 - 1334 Tyler Ave
  • 1-99 East West Boulevard Pasadena, Maryland - Severna Park
    This is not an abandoned vehicle but I saw no other way to report this. I commute daily to DC, and to get home I typically take East West Hwy and cross Richie Hwy to get home. On many occasions I witness cars going straight from the left turn only lane encroaching on the vehicles that are legally going straight in the "go straight" lane. It really annoys me when I see AA County Police doing this, they are supposed to be enforcing the law and yet they do not and practice in this illegal activity as well. I have reported this in the past and I am now reporting this today. At 4:50 pm, I witnessed an AACounty Police Cruiser, MD plate AA2007, I think it was #533, not positive but i am positive of the plate, appeared to be a female driver, go straight from the left turn only lane, forcing me to allow her to cut in front of me after I followed the law and waited to get to Pasadena road legally. This behavior is unacceptable, the Eastern Division isn't even 2 tenths of a mile from this area. Would I have been at fault had I not let this car go in front of me? Please, do something about this activity.
  • Americana Drive annapolis/anne arundel, Maryland - Annapolis
    car has front end damage and is parked the wrong way on the street.
  • Tyler Ave Annapolis, Maryland - Annapolis
    Blue Towncar, dead tags, parked by 1338 Tyler Ave. Has been there for months
  • 504 Mathias Hammond Way annapolis, Maryland - Parole
    There is a dark colored van parked at the end of 504 Mathias Hammond Way with no tags. There may be more than one vehicle parked illegally with no tags. I've also been told that the owner is switching licenses plates from vehicle to vehicle.