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Excessive traffic & noise La qiray

21 Wiley Bottom Road Savannah, Georgia Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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Landings Association




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Wiley Bottom road is a residentual road; however, too much commercial & club maintence traffic comes back and forth at all hours of the day. This results in excessive noise and congestion. It is a real safety hazard for residents, pedestrians, and golf carts. At least 4 days a week different waste pickup companies drive in and out of every road, lane and culdesac. Their brakes squeel and demonstrate their negligent vehicle maintence. This is in addition to regular trash pickup by the county, which appears to be in good maintence condition.Children ride their bicycles, golfers drive their golf carts, older people walk on this street. Pick up trucks speed up and down the road. Contractors and lawn maintenance workers park all up and down the road with no markers or signs. Its a complete mess and dangerous. Someone is bound to be injured or killed sooner or later, if they haven't been already.

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J. Wiley Bottom Rd North/East

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