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Chelsea, MA


Drug related activities, drinking, disorderly people


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I'd like to comment about the clear criminal presence and the seeming ignorance the police in and around the area of Bellingham sq have to it between midnight and 4 am every single night, the clear criminal presence of drug selling/using persons on all streets, sitting on residents porches or in alleys or just roaming blatentely disrupting nighttime peace in the community almost every night has begun to get out of hand. Like I said I see this almost every morning. There are groups of men. They are either selling hard drugs or looking for an easy target to rob. All this while the police are parked quietly in the square or in parking lots convieniently away from where anything would happen that they'd see. I've been the victim of an attempted mugging twice. I see the same patterns in all of them. And this pattern has been growing exponentially for the past 5 years to a decade. Nightly thuggish groups of men and or prostitutes roam up and down bellingham sq, the area of Marlboro st to shurtleff st all the way down the Tobin and east Boston bridges, it’s the entire city. the police are seemingly letting this go on as they sit in parking lots all night allowing the same people to keep this city a nighttime hellhole.

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