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1180 Stanyan Street San Francisco, CA عرض على الخريطة إخفاء الخريطة
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Would you please install stop signs at the intersection of Stanyan and Alma? This is an important pedestrian crossing because it is next the Grattan Playgound and one block away from the Grattan Elementary School. There are two preschools within a block of this intersection. Currently, most cars do not stop for pedestrians at this intersection, which makes it very dangerous for children. Cars go very fast on Stanyan, and the crosswalk is barely visible in the southbound direction. Additionally, this is a good location for a stop sign because it is two blocks from the stop sign at Stanyan and 17th, and two block from the stoplight at Stanyan and Parnassus. (For example, there is a stop sign on Cole at Alma, following the common every-two-blocks pattern). Thank you.

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