Acknowledged by: Anne Arundel County, MD

Overgrown Grass Acknowledged

213 West Edgevale Road Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, United States of America Show on Map Hide Map
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Unregistered or Inoperable Vehicle on Private Property


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Brooklyn Park

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This is also a rat infested street the following houses need action from the county. 111, 113, 115, 117, 119, 121, 204, 206, 208a white van no tags , 133 , 226, 126, 141, 163, 204,206, 226,208,131, 164 and has 2 vehicles with no tags 1 white truck, 2 a maroon car , 243, 210 and also has a fallen fence impeding the alley, 212,242, 177, 173,275, 235, All of these are In violation some supper violation please assure that this gets taken care of to help lessen the rats and that they are followed up accordingly thank you

also asked...
Q. Is this a residential property where the grass is currently 12" of higher?
A. Yes
Q. Problem location
A. W edgevale

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