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Graffiti Removal Reconnu

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City of Chicago


Graffiti Removal Request


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Chicago Ward 42

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There is a parking lot underneath Lake shore Drive which runs next to Illinois. On the south side of Illinois. The walls on the inside of this parking lot I have been seriously tag, and it keeps getting worse. I have reported this multiple times and I am not sure how else to communicate the issue. Feel free to call me if you cannot find it.

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Q. Where is it located?
A. Front
Q. What type of Surface is the graffiti on?
A. Cement (Sidewalk, Alley, Wall, Curb)
Q. Is the Graffiti located over 6 feet from the ground?
A. No
Q. Hateful, profane, near church/school?
A. No
Q. Input mobile # to opt-in for text updates. If already opted-in, add mobile # to contact info.
A. 3125053827

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