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Sarasota County Services


Traffic, Street Sign or Light Issue


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Laurel Park




Vehicles on this street travel at speeds up to 50 or 60 mph. The speed limit is 15 mph. (A little over would be fine, but this is ridiculous.)

I request that speed bumps be installed to slow traffic down to at least 25 or 20 mph. The city has done this elsewhere on South Orange Avenue, and I request this be done in the stretch of road between Ringling Blvd and Oak Street.

The same problem exists on Pineapple Avenue between S. Orange and Ringling Blvd. traffic circle. Speed bumps are needed there too, as well as enforcement.

also asked...
Q. Type of issue?
A. Sign
Q. What street is the issue on?
A. South Orange Avenue
Q. What is the nearest cross street?
A. Laurel Street
Q. What direction are you traveling?
A. Either North or South on S. Orange

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