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drug dealing


Please help us set up armed patrols in the 1425 Quinnipiac area. There is a large amount of drug activity from the New Haven public housing authority (Saint Anthony 1, 2, and the Rowe Houses beginning on 1378 Quinnipiac Ave) as well as Quinnipiac Terrace owned and managed by Trinity Management Company. We've been complaining to the NHPD, Sgt. Anastasio and previous district managers with absolutely no progress. People have been complaining to the police dept and after reviewing comments here on Seeclickfix it has been an ongoing issue since 2010! In 2011 the condo association got together with a petition which was sent to State Senator Martin Looney, Mayor Destefano, Rosa DeLaura, Police Chief Esserman, Sgt. Anastatio, Gov. Malloy, Senator Blumenthal, and US Attorney Stein. We did not receive a response back from any of these individuals to comment on our concerns. We have 2 foreclosures in our condo because the owners could not take the crimes committed and rapid drug dealer in our complex with no response from our police department, so they just give up and let their condos go. Our unit owners are scared to let their children play outside due to the fear of the rapid drug dealing and the quality of life. NHPD has abandoned the residences of Quinnipiac Ave and let the drug dealers deal drugs with complete immunity. If anyone would like to help to start an armed patrol or have the contact for the Rabbi in Westville that started an armed patrol there a few years ago, it would be appreciated. The only way to get our community back is if we take it back!

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