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City of St. Petersburg


Stormwater Issue


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Once again We find the city is not maintaining its own property to the level it requires its citizens to maintain. Canal between the lake at Medowlawn park and 77th Ave has grass that does not comply with city codes that states grass may not be higher then 10". furthermore trees are allowed to grow in the canal blocking waterway that could lead to flooding..
Can someone at the Mayor's Action committee please tell me why city property is not required to be maintained to the same level as citizens of St. Petersburg? If my yard looked this bad you would be fining me $500 per day untill it was corrected. maybe the salaries of the Mayor's Action committee should be docked that amount until the issue is corrected.. It would only be fair.
Maybe Jeff the code enforcer should lose his job for not reporting this....

Please Review St. Petersburg's Yard Maintenance Standards
Brochure so it can be understood how landscaping should be maintained.

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A. Property Maintenance Issues
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