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City of Pinellas Park


Potholes, Flooding, or Sidewalk Issues


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7800 Belcher Rd unit #114
Pinellas Park, FL 33781 black tar everywhere in the road that was just redone a couple months ago

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A. Apartment complex had its parking lot tard. The individuals who did it made a humongous mess did not clean up mess when asked if they were going to clean mess they laughed. By the time I came back they were gone area was a bigger mess because others were driving on it. This area was just filling not that long ago now the yellow lines and Road looks disgusting. Someone should be liable held accountable for this. Poor judgment not being professional . now there is about 30 cars on 71st Street where it states no cars or will be towed because Residence at apartments cannot park there for 24 hours. Concerned residents citizen in Pinellas Park. Looking out for the best interest for others


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