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Garbage/Recycling Service Issue


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What can we do about Beach Park Plaza? It's a dump. It looks more like a strip mall in an abandoned part of Oakland or East SJ than Foster City.
The property owners collect their millions in rent each year and yet they are too greedy or cheap to pay for any upkeep.
I once complained about their trash cans overflowing. You alerted them and they SAID they would increase janitorial services to empty the trash more frequently than once a week (though I dispute that they were even emptying them that frequent at the time). That lasted about 2 weeks and then, mysteriously, the trash cans disappeared altogether. And now they have the gall to put up those pathetic signs (nailed up very poorly) that read "Put Trash In Its Place", which is ironic because there are 0 public trash cans in the plaza. So what do the patrons do? They throw their napkins, boba cups, coffee cups, etc. into the planters. This loose litter must be a haven for our neighborhood rodents.

If they cared even a little bit about our city or residents, they would pony up the money to:
- restore the few trash cans around the plaza.
- pay to have the parking lot repaved- I don't believe it's ever been and it really shows.
- pay to have the trees and planter boxes maintained.
- pay to have the planter boxes redone- these are the same ones that have been here for over 40 years and they are falling apart.
- pay to have the facade and signage refreshed so this vibrant, popular plaza fits, visually, in the Beach Park neighborhood where housed are $1.5 million and up.

This plaza is visually offensive. Maybe the patrons who frequent couldn't care less, but many of us- those who I have spoken to in the immediate area- DO care and wish the owners weren't such cheapskates. There MUST be some City Ordinance that we can throw at them to force them to fix this place up.

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