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10360-10498 Golf Course Rd Nw Albuquerque, NM 87114, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Residents at Ventana Canyon are at risk everytime they try to leave the apartment complex. The speed limit on Golf Course is 35 mph but this area is jokingly referred to as a speedway because people drive so fast and dangerously going either direction. It is very dangerous for residents to leave 10300 Golf Course going either direction. The apartments are located at the bottom of the hill and by the time the driver could pull out going either North or South, drivers on Golf Course come barreling down on them and nearly cause accidents quite a few times per day. I am certain that this area will have a driving fatality at some point due to the speed of the drivers on this road. Please either install speed bumps, a stop sign, or a stop light to ensure the safety of everyone driving on this road. Please, I am scared for my life and my daughter's life every time I pull out of the complex. Thank you! I love living here, but I will have to move if this doesn't get fixed!

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