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These people constantly put out cones to save parking spots. Rain, Shine and snow.We don't have assigned parking spots and we're not in kindergarden. What right do these people have to always have a great spot outside of their house. I pay my taxes and have a parking permit and would like my fair shot at a spot. They have put out more then one cone on many occassions. I know that I could move the cones but to be honest these people are pretty scary. I would love if an authority figure sent them a letter or made a house call to tell them to stop. If i move the cones and park there and something happens to my car or me maybe then this will stop but it seems impossible to get anyone to tell them to stop the kinergarder saving spot garbage. The only time the police did come out is when they parked in front of the fire hydrant. All that was done was the officer asked them to move their car. Larger action needs to take place for these people to get it through their rude and inconsiderate thick skulls.

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