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Drainage Investigation - Miscellaneous Acknowledged

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Drainage Investigation - Miscellaneous


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drain problem


Since new storm drains were put in this has been and on going problem and has gotten worse. this was not a problem until the drains were put in.

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Q. What is the nature and location of the problem? Is this an emergency?
A. water not draining properly, not an emergency
Q. Explain the severity of the problem, and what you think may be the cause?
A. eroding away driveway, caused by lack of proper way to drain toward storm drain
Q. Do you know if there is a drainage easement on the property in the area of concern?
A. no
Q. Has it happened before at this location?
A. Yes
Q. Is there any current impact to nearby storm drains, creeks, streams, ponds, etc. and explain.
A. yes, water cant drain intonstorm drain
Q. What can you further tell me to elaborate on the extent of the problem?
A. water accumulates everytime it rains at and of driveway problem has been going on since storm drain was redone a few years ago. it continues to get worse. slope to drain is not steep enough and the grass is too thick for it to drain.
Q. Has NC DENR or any other agency been notified of the issue? Explain.
A. no
Q. Is there any other information to share that would help the City in resolving the problem?
A. no
Q. Is this in the Right of Way?
A. Yes

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