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Dangerous Pedestrian Conditions Open

10th Street And Massuchusetts Ave Nw Washington D.C., DC Show on Map Hide Map
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Mount Vernon Triangle




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There are numerous problems at this intersection that create hazards for pedestrians. I myself was almost run over by a vehicle last week. Vehicles often block the box - especially eastbound during the evening commute. Given that 10th Street is one-way southbound and sees little traffic during this time, cars have little incentive not to block the box. The right lane eastbound also closes just after the intersection, further complicating the situation. Pedestrians are stuck having to weave through the cars that are blocking the cross walk while cars continually try to press through the intersection to let 10th Street traffic through. Also, dozens of cars turn left on to 10th Street while the light is red because they aren't able to turn when the light is green given the oncoming traffic and lack of a signal arrow. The ongoing construction in the area (both the CATO building and the new Convention Center Hotel) add further obstructions to frustrated drivers that just want to get out of town and forget about local residents who need to cross the streets safely. A red light camera, "Don't block the box signs", wider and more clearly marked pedestrian crossings, and perhaps a left turn arrow would all make this intersection safer, though I doubt anything will ever be done until it's too late.

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