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Public Park


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I won’t complain here but instead thank the MPD for making sure all park visitors are acting in a respectful manner and that park facilities continue to be in good repair and available for all. It is very unfortunate that a few rotten apples have to ruin it for everyone but that is exactly what is happening in this instance. The removal of respectful families, climbers, dog walkers, couples, basketball players, drone fliers, yoga enthusiasts, nature lovers, bird watchers, etc. is a shame and very unfortunate. I too have never felt unsafe in Waitts Mount Park it’s a wonderful place and I think more people should experience it. I wonder why anyone would assume that people are complaining out of safety reasons or privilege. Was anyone aware that the park equipment was regularly vandalized just after it was reopened from renovations. Was anyone aware that all the shiny sharp objects on the ground at the top was not an indigenous rock but shattered glass. Was anyone aware that many neighborhood residents and non residents have spent countless hours volunteering to clean up a few rotten apples mess. In a perfect world we should be able to come and go from WMP as we please, but we unfortunately do not live in a perfect world. We are not wasting tax dollars chasing out respectful people, we are preserving the park for all to enjoy and unfortunately that means rules must be followed. I remember being in the park with my child one morning and seeing one of the slides broken and the other one vandalized and unusable when another mother and her child come to the wooden structure only to see it unusable. The child had obviously been there before and was so excited to use the equipment and then so disappointed when they could not. Please everyone we are all under a lot of stress right now let’s not jump to conclusions about who and why people are being asked to leave the park. The reasons could certainly be because of people complaining or certain people who feel privileged but it could also not.

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