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Macon-Bibb County


Public Works: Sidewalk


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The sidewalk between Stonewall Place and Pierce Avenue along Vineville Ave. is in terrible shape, and needs to be repaired immediately. It is completely inaccessible for people with disabilities, and it is unsafe for everyone, as there aren't even curbs, so that cars can easy drive up on the sidewalk. There are also 4 traffic barrels (stacked on each other) blocking the sidewalk at Pierce Avenue (visible in my picture), so that people have to walk into the street to go around it. There is also significant overgrowth from trees over the sidewalk. This is an avoidable accident waiting to happen. Thank you

also asked...
Q. Is it broken?
A. yes
Q. Is grass growing between cracks?
A. yes
Q. Is there a hazard?
A. Yes. Describe hazard, Raised meaning it is uneven, Hole in sidewalk

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