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Macon-Bibb County


Code Enforcement: Yards\Premises OR Vacant lot


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House has been vacant over 8 months since February or March 2020, the owner has not cut grass, maintained the yard and has trash in the yard, as a property owner living on cypress drive for over 20 years, I'm outraged at the owner of 1127 Cypress drive, lack of our community and environment as a property owner of Cypress Drive neighborhood and community this takes down the property in our community of home owners. This is negligence and unacceptable period.

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Q. Is this in reference to a yard? Brief description required
A. Yes
Q. Is there debris in the yard? Brief description required
A. Yes
Q. Does the grass need cutting?
A. Yes
Q. Is this in reference to a vacant lot?
A. No
Q. Is lot overgrown?
A. Yes
Q. Has there ever been any type of structure on this lot such as a house or building? Provide structure information in description box even if the structure is no longer there.
A. Yes

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