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2 years ago this homeowner illegally constructed an addition in violation of landmarks, under cover, during labor day weekend. he was issued a stop work order. today i see he has resumed work, still with no permits, and still in violation of landmark status! we have been fighting him for 2 years, and cannot believe! he has not been fined heavily and forced to tear down this structure. it violates his F.A.R. significantly, is constructed on top of his driveway, destroys the landmark nature of the house and neighborhood, and sits far too close to the neighbors. STOP HIM IMMEDIATELY! FINE HIM HEAVILY PLEASE!!!!!!!!! He also is a bad man, having intentionally tried to cause physical harm to the old man next door, who has now passed away. He used to throw garbage on the neighbor's porch, among other acts, hoping to cause the old man to fall. The widow now has her property illegally encroached upon and lives in fear of the temper of this selfish person.


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