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Street/Roadway Lighting Issues


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So many people are upset, and I agree, with the Wilson Street bike lane. What no one has done is to present a solution aside from abandoning the entire project.
My solution, take away the poles and add a rumble strip, EXACTLY AS YOU DID ON FORT AVENUE WHICH WORKS INCREDIBLY WELL, without giving drivers the sense of being squeezed in together. This solves the emergency vehicle needing to pass, the snowplows ripping or damaging the poles, while still providing the driver with a warning system that they are off the road.
And yes, just today I almost got sideswiped by a landscapers truck and trailer crossing the double line into my lane. Scary...

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Q. What is the lighting issue?
A. Other
Q. What is the pole number (the metal numbers attached to the pole) and/or the nearest street address?
A. No Answer Given


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