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Connors St Fitchburg, MA, 01420, USA عرض على الخريطة إخفاء الخريطة
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Fitchburg, MA


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Continued speeding on Connors Street with no law enforcement.

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A. Extended law enforcement needed to stop speeding on Connors Street
Q. Description
A. Okay, a few months ago the radar cart was placed on Connors Street for two weeks. How about backing that up with a little enforcement. Cars are thundering down Connors Street to and from Wanoosnoc Rd. The Rt. 2/Patton St./Connors Street shortcut is a logistical issue resulting in a public safety issue. Cars are traveling at high rates of speed. The hours of 3PM to 6PM are the most dangerous. Why is nothing being done about this? This is a residential zone being used as a highway. It requires REGULAR enforecement. If you don't want to give this problem the attention is actually deserves, at least turn Connors Street into a one-way street headed toward Route 2; that'll stop this problem. Something more significant needs to be done.

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