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noise complaint


Music with heavy bass has been playing outdoors since roughly 5pm. The volume is continuing to increase and can be heard in every room in our house now.

I wish GPD would actually enforce the noise ordinance. It will no doubt go unchecked until 2am again and tomorrow GPD will say they are notifying officers to check (on a Monday night).

City Ordinance Sec. 15-3.(d)(2) clearly includes "electronic audio equipment" and "sound amplifier".

"No person shall operate, play or permit the operation or playing of any radio, tape player, television, electronic audio equipment, musical instrument, sound amplifier or other mechanical or electronic soundmaking device that produces, reproduces or amplifies sound in such a manner as to create a noise disturbance across a real property boundary..."

There are Routine "noise disturbance across a real property boundary".

also asked...
Q. What day(s) of the week do you notice the noise issue?
A. Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Q. What time frame do you notice the noise issue? [Ex: 10-11PM or 12-1AM]
A. As early as 5pm and almost always until 2am with no sign of GPD
Q. What is the source of the noise?
A. Party or Event
Q. Have you also called the Police Non-Emergency phone line?
A. Yes

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