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months have passed since a few neighbors reported the house at 202 North State st. having lefft all of the trash and furniture in a moungtain on the yard near the street , it was there for a month and another neighbor picked it p largely and hauled it away because he didn't want the inspectors coming around. This house has been the open flop for many people and the police are there almost every morning before dawn and many more times at night. The Back windows and door are open and are broken to maintain access, the electricity had been hi jacked until last week when the power company took the meter off again.. The squatters are not just homeless poor souls but some of the felons that have claimed this neighborhood and are doing their selling consistently here . The police can do nothing to shut the house down and the inspectors case being removed is insane. There has not been one day that that house has been secured , it was just sold in a "short sale" and so that means the owner hasn't closed but the bank or WHOEVER owns it needs to BOARD IT UP! This is sickening that no one can keep the neighborhood from going to pot , There should be some mechanism for stopping the people who put the city in decline while not penalizing the people who are working hard to make this place better. Seriously frustrated and disappointed in Raleigh offices and personel who get paid and make it hard on residents to appreciate the services. Once again , my question is what is it going to take for this neighborhood so close to the downtown to be cared for and managed better? This area has a ridiculous amount of crime happening every day, I shouldn't have to remind anyone while a trial for a home invasion is going on. We don't need more guns, we need more responsible care. People need shelter yes,but squatting in a house illegally is not OK .

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