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  • 1217 Miller Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor

    Potholes on Miller in the vicinity of Mack School are creating a dangerous situation. In avoiding potholes in the crosswalk area, it distracts drivers and endangers pedestrians. I've had this occur as I looked down to avoid potholes and a pedestrian stepped out.

    At the same time this situation exists, a small one-way road around the corner with 10 houses on it is getting a total street rebuild. I don't understand the priority.

    This portion of Miller has been neglected through 2 street repair millages already. Being a main western thoroughfare for commuters, you would think the city would make it a priority to show outside people a better city maintenance image

  • 214 N 7th St Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, USA - Ann Arbor
    If park mowing of high grass could be done once along my fence, I could maintain with push mower. If not, I will need to spray for weeds.
  • 214 N 7th St Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA - Ann Arbor

    The City of Ann Arbor completed work on the Seventh Street Traffic Signal Interconnect project between Miller and Scio Church. Work involved boring conduit, installing hand holes, fiber optic control wires and other traffic control infrastructure.  Most of the work took place outside the roadway, on the public righ-of-way from the curb to sidewalk.

    The contractor was to restore all damaged lawn areas as a result of this work, or any other work, as part of the project. 

    That restoration was not completed at this address. Crab grass, rocks, sand, ruts continue to occupy the work area. After repeated emails trying to find the correct person to complete the project, I have turned to this issue system.

  • 214 North 7th Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor

    With the warmer temperatures, more people are living in West Park.
    Some specific areas of overgrowth are being used to elude site, for storing belongings and camping.
    If these areas could get some extra maintenance, opening sight of area, people would not live there, reducing resident encounters.

    The area is behind the band shell on the hill.

    The green area highlighted in the attached picture is an overgrown grass hillside that was mowed before.
    In wet times it may have been more difficult, but with very dry weather now, it should be an easy cut.
    It is a relatively small area.

    The yellow area is along the tree line.
    With undergrowth along trees, it has been a perfect storage area for belongings.
    People come day and night, camp there, use drugs there, etc.
    This area makes many of us nervous. It has become a safety concern for residents.
    If something isn't done soon, we might have to rent something to clear it.
    If at least the weeds along the edges could be cut, it would open things up.

    The residents that use West Park would appreciate your attention to this matter.
    Ann Arbor police have also been notified about people living in the park and sleeping on the band shelter.

  • 222 N 7th Street Ann Arbor, MI - Ann Arbor

    An old street tree at 222 N 7th Street is losing multiple limbs. A long time ago City Forestry inspected the tree and stated it needed to be removed, but denied by someone. A large limb dropped across the street during a recent storm, luckily not hitting a car and killing someone. It need to be cleaned up.

    This is the same tree that dropped a limb across my car years ago, the city claiming goverment immunity to not pay for repairs.

    How long is the city going to ignore their own warnings? Their are large limbs aimed at our homes, ready to do damage.

  • 212 North 7th Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor

    The home at 209 N 7th has been vacant for some time now. The home has fallen into disarray and decay. Grass and weeds are taking over, animals are frequenting the home, and now I see illegal dumping of unwanted items taking place.

    I have had to stare at this nuisance long enough. My taxes are too high to half to put up with staring at an eyesore every day.

    There is rumor a new owner purchased the home to demolish and build a new structure. It has been months of no progress. Either they need to tear it down or fix it up.

  • 214 N 7th Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    When using the intersection at Seventh St and Huron and travelling through the intersection while staying on Seventh St, I have had multiple near accidents with vehicles not using the left turn lane correctly. The vehicles in the left turn lane think they have the right of way, even when vehicles are going straight on Seventh St. There needs to be a Left Turn Yield To Through Traffic sign, each side of Seventh St gets a green light separately, or left turn traffic signals. Even after the first vehicle near miss, a second vehicle followed and almost another accident. People just don't understand how to use that intersection and I can't take the constant harm threat to my family.