Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 290,235
  • 2101-2199 Linden St Oakland, CA, 94607, USA - Ralph Bunche
  • 700-798 20th St Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Ralph Bunche
    Trash dumped on 20TH ST cross streets Brush. This is becoming a serial dumping ground
  • 847 E 28th St Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Ivy Hill
    There are numerous large potholes on East 28th Street between 9th avenue and Park. They have been there for many months, and are especially difficult to avoid given their number and the narrow, winding nature of the street.
  • 5718 Mendocino Ave Oakland, California - Upper Rockridge
    The pothole is in the middle of the street on Mendocino near the intersection with Virmar Ave
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    Produce Pro 2314 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Hoover-Foster
    The street sweeper has not swept in weeks, so the street is flooding around storm drains
  • 3466 Oak Knoll Blvd Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Golf Links

    We suspect there is a neighbor who is using this street to leave several vehicles for months at a time. There is both a black stretcher limousine and a box truck that has been parked in front of 3466 Oak Knoll Blvd for over the 72 hr limit. (The limo has been there for months and has expired tags). My grandparents are handicapped and because these two vehichles have been left out front for months, they have been having a really difficult time getting in and out of our cars because we have to park further away. We would really appreciate if someone came out and left a warning or a ticket or get the vehicles towed.

    The box truck: license place 7SAN437 with the name Michael Calloway and phone number 7077122969 and 7073424748 printed on the side.

    The limo: license plate 7ZHB577 with expired tags.

    Thank you!

  • 1515 Webster St Oakland, CA, 94612, USA - Lakeside

    I am very concerned about the large number of electric scooters left in front of and near Envision Academy each day.

    Envision is a midde school and when school is let out every day, I see a large number of middle school kids getting on the scooters. With no helmets, they ride—often with two kids on each scooter—in the street, often causing near-collisions because they are wholly too young to know the rules of the road. They also ride on the sidewalks, leave scooters on the middle of the sidewalk, and so on. Just on Friday, I saw a maybe 13 year old girl run into a store’s outdoor sign on the Lime scooter she unlocked. She got off immediately after the accident, likely scared, but the damage could have been far worse.

    What bothers me the most is that it seems as though Lime is particularly targeting these middle school riders, despite it being technically illegal for them to ride electric scooters. I say this because I have also seen Lime scooter employees line up multiple scooters in front of businesses immediately across the street from the school and the kids flock to the scooters as soon as they are released. From my perspective, as well as the perspective of other business owners on the block, it seems as though Lime is intentionally targeting these students, despite the laws that are in place.

  • 625-637 34th St Oakland, CA, 94609, USA - Hoover-Foster
    Three separate small pickup trucks every day sorting recyclables and trash on the freeway overpass on 34th Street (between 34th Street and Telegraph Ave.); Across from park(s) where children play. Noise nuisance and trash left on street.
  • 700-748 37th Ave Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - South Kennedy Tract
    waste management garbage can filled with garbage
  • 383 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Adams Point
    Human feces on the steps to the pedestrian overpass over 580 near the Macarthur and Van Buren intersection.
  • 304 Hunter Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    1a31- adv truck load of misc debris, a few tires on the sidewalk
  • Skyline Blvd. Near Castle Drive Oakland, California - Piedmont Pines
    Three car batteries located on west side of Skyline Boulevard, approximately 0.2 - 0.3 miles south of Castle Drive. Batteries were dumped over edge of slope and brought up to street level by neighbor. Location is marked by orange bollard at road edge, next to temporary green fencing around construction storage site.
  • 309 Hunter Ave Oakland, CA, 94603, USA - Brookfield Village
    Green Subaru with no license plate parked on the sidewalk.
  • 200-248 10th St Oakland, CA, 94607, USA - Chinatown
    Abandoned vehicle parked at the same meter since 12/11/2018. License plate # 96354M2
  • 6101-6199 La Salle Ave Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Montclair Business
    Large pothole on busy commercial street
  • 1110 32nd St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Clawson
    1C51 reports 2'-3' pothole filled with pebbles/rocks
  • 2734-2766 Harold St Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - School
    The right side of this one way street is so badly potholed, it's like they paved the left side and forgot the right side. They are craters in a heavily trafficked road to the freeway.
  • I-880 N Oakland, CA, 94601, USA - Fruitvale Station
    The area from High St to 66th avenue is full of cars, RV's and garbage I counted 20 car, vans etc and the pile of garbage and debris is growing. If a person can see it daily, why is it not cleaned up on a routine basis. The place is a pig sty and then they wonder why people avoid our city.
  • 800 Alvarado Rd Berkeley, CA, 94705, USA - Claremont
    Street light number N4422
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    8315 Dowling St Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Castlemont
    Vehicle has not moved in over 3 days. People live in the mobile home, and disposing trash on the sidewalk. Please make them move.