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  • 867 Isabella St Oakland, California - McClymonds
    APX. 12 Styrofoam containers dumped in the street between 9:00am and 10:00am 11/15/17 Containers come from
    KANSAI restaurant located at 4345 Telegraph Ave
    Oakland, CA 94609
  • 98th Avenue (880n On Ramp) Oakland, California - North Stonehurst
    Large rugged pot holes at top and very bottom (by meter light) of the 880N on ramp
  • 2237 64th Avenue Oakland, California - Seminary
    There is a dumped bin out front of 2237 64th Ave. I contacted waste management and they told me to contact public works. It is blocking the sidewalk.
  • 2900-2998 67th Avenue Oakland, California - Frick
    Small black futon/sofa, large boxes, big black trash bags full of clothes or dirt. Food waste, pans, etc.
  • 2900-2998 67th Avenue Oakland, California - Frick
    Pile of large black garbage bags, black small sofa/futon, large boxes.
  • 500-548 Beacon Street Oakland, CA - Cleveland Heights
    Parking Enforcement: Faded red zone remains unpainted. Have continuously reported this for two or more years - lower corner of Boden and beacon
  • 4811 Webster Street Oakland, California - Temescal
    There is a couch in front of the International High School on the sidewalk which has been there for over a month.
  • 7756 Hillmont Dr Oakland, California - Eastmont Hills
    Mattress in the public space next to 7756 Hillmont Dr x Parker
  • Palos Colorados Trail Oakland, California - Piedmont Pines
    Several unpermitted trail projects were constructed along Lower Palos Colorados (between Joaquin Miller Court Trailhead and the Stone Bridge) which dumped several tons of dirt directly into the creek. The trail is now badly over grade in sections (with several reroutes steeper then the previous alignment and diverting runoff directly into the creek). The builders used shoddy materials to build water bars perpendicular to the trail (a practice strongly discouraged by the USDA Forest Service), harvested park redwood trees to build crib walls and line the trail - trapping water on the trail which will lead to significant erosion, and reduces user accessibility by installing steps (where clearly none are needed). One section is nothing more then thin logs laid down (and pinned) along a flat section of trail, some perpendicular and others parallel, creating a grid pattern in what one can only guess is some terrible attempt to create some kind of turnpike. It doesn't appear that the trail builders have even a basic knowledge of proper trail building techniques and have no business doing trail maintenance/reroutes in the park. While the latest projects appears to be the most egregious, it is not the first along this section of trail. Earlier in the summer an unpermitted bridge was built across Palo Seco Creek (several hundred feet from the Joaquin Miller Court Trailhead) with a new over grade trail poorly cut into the creek banks (and once again lined with logs). None of these projects comply with the City of Oakland's Stormwater Ordinance and have a very real negative impact to the creek during construction and in the future.
  • 1614 Campbell St Oakland, California - Prescott Oakland Point
    on 16th street
  • 5133 Daisy St Oakland, California - Redwood Heights
  • 923 41st Street Oakland, California - Longfellow

    residents of 923 41st street decide randomly to hold CONCERTS in their open garage on several occasions, each incident has been on a week night.

    They play until midnight or until the 2nd or 3rd police officer shows up.

    They have no regard for their neighbors and it's gotten to the point where they either need to be fined to get the message or I have to take out a civil suit. It seems nothing else can be done.

    As a citizen of this city/state/country, I have rights too! One is to live in a HABITABLE environment and this is a violation of that right.

  • Willow At 14th St Oakland, California - Prescott Oakland Point

    Occupied RV license plate # 4TBK129. It hasn't moved and has not been cited by Oakland Parking. The entire street fails to be cleaned and the RV fails to be cited.

    Please treat RV the way that other cars are treated and give a citation. And force to relocate from the residential neighborhood.

  • 1486 Macarthur Oakland, California - Glenview
    dead cat on sidewalk
  • 800 Kennedy Street Oakland, California - South Kennedy Tract
    Making a left turn from Kennedy onto Dennison, you have to cross the freeway exit and there is bushes blocking from seeing the turn.
  • 1809 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Merritt
    There are some major flaws with street improvements constructed in hastiness durring the ARRA period. Namely bulbed out curb returns and misplaced garbage bins. The businesses on this corner suffer from inundation due to poor drainage design and quite possibly curb return geometry error. The combination of overflowing garbage, leaves from trees planted and not maintained are just enigmatic of poor planning and execution of public funds. As I've said before, I'll crack the nonconforming grate and break my ankle myself before I get an ambulance chaser to sue the City. The intersection at 3rd ave and E18th looks as if it clearly needs a diagonal scramble to walgreens after curb return bulb out was created. Who was the consultant on this?!, tell me not URS... I'm currently registered Civil Engineer C74457. The trees are overgrown in the local parks as well, children play and ambivalent adults walking dogs stroll under old london plains that are fused to phone poles. Give me a surplus fireman chainsaw and boom truck and I'll do this myself holding City harmless. I recall seeing a professional crew come by some city right of way yet did not notice significant fire abatement. I also recall seeing requisition for arborist on City employment website. How about I just replace your Director of Public Works.
  • 575 Independent Road Oakland, California - Coliseum Industrial
    We are having an ongoing problem with RV's flushing their waste into the parking area and surrounding drainage
  • 1727-1733 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Glenview
    Sofa on sidewalk next to bus stop.
  • 600-648 10th Street Oakland, California - Downtown
    Due to homeless encampment, there is still large numbers of debris and trash bags that is unattended by the current occupants, especially in and around the childrens playground. This poses a sanitation risk.
  • 1036 Aquarius Way Oakland, California - Glen Highlands