Mark Turner

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 10,145
  • Crabtree Creek Trail Raleigh, NC 27604, USA - Raleigh Council District C
    Some schmuck left a pile of tires on the greenway
  • 3200 New Bern Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District C
    Fence has washed away below New Bern Ave. bridge.
  • 3137 Calumet Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    There is gang graffiti on the mailboxes, sewer manhole towers, and on the back of a van in the parking lot of the Pines of Ashton apartments and along the Crabtree Creek greenway behind it.
  • 216-218 Poplar Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Mordecai
    a thick layer of sediment and gravel has covered the sidewalk next to this culvert.
  • 721 Glascock Street Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    The bus stop bench on Glascock has not been replaced after the traffic calming project was completed.
  • 2400 Yonkers Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District C
    There is a dangerous dip in the pavement here.
  • 105 West Hargett Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    Graffiti on traffic signal box.
  • 201-299 East North Street Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central

    I reported this utility pole to Duke Energy Progress yesterday morning when I saw that it was leaning towards the street. This morning I drove by it again and is is leaning even further into the street. Yesterday it was not fully touching the nearby No Parking sign but today it is.

    This pole has a transformer on it but no guy wire. It is slowly pushing itself out of its hole. When it finally goes over it will take out the tree next to it and probably a few cars, too.

    I post this not because I expect CoR to fix it but for documentation purposes. Perhaps the city can convince DEP to do something about it as well.

  • 1735-1799 Rankin St Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    There is no traffic sign for drivers turning south from Rankin to Plainview. It seems a yield or stop sign is needed here.
  • 200 Plainview Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh

    A number of large limbs from the Magnolia tree in this intersection broke off during the recent snow and ice and need to be picked up. This is in the median of this three-way intersection (Vale and Plainview) and thus on city property.

    Thanks for picking these up!

  • Sign Down Acknowledged
    1505 Bennett Street Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    The stop sign/street marker at the corner of Tonsler Drive and Bennett Streets got pushed down during the weather event and needs to be stood back up again. I don't think the pole is actually damaged, just pushed over.
  • 701 North Person Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    Gang graffiti on green transformer box in front of The Station
  • 1500-1504 Wake Forest Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor
    There are multiple potholes on outbound Wake Forest Road between Clifton St. and Brookside Drive.
  • Leaking water main Acknowledged
    1953-2009 Midwood Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh

    There is a leaking water main on Midwood Dr. near Dennis Ave. A Public Utilities crew did work here 3-4 weeks ago at this spot, patching the road around a water main valve. However, the valve has slowly leaked on the road ever since. This has created a large patch of ice in the mornings and I imagine that some of this water is also leaking below ground.

    I called about this a week ago but nothing's been done. Hopefully this ticket will help. Thanks! - Mark

  • 721 East Lenoir Street Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Someone has left a couch on the vacant lot on E. Lenoir St and Montague Lane.
  • Graffiti Archived
    365-399 Wade Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Mordecai
    There is fresh spray-painted graffiti on both sides of the railroad bridge (near the ground facing Wade Ave).
  • 1620 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    It appears that someone has cleared the trees here along Pigeon House Branch. I thought that vegetation was not allowed to be removed from stream buffers?
  • 2416 Little John Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southeast
    There's black spray-painted "rollin' 20s" graffiti on the guard rail at the west end of Little John Rd.
  • 301 Ashe Ave Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough

    There is graffiti on the mailbox in front of the Ashe Ave. entrance to the Governor Morehead School for the Blind.

    They might not mind it but I do.

  • 441 N. Harrington St. Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central

    There is graffiti on the blue USPS mailbox in front of 441 N. Harrington St.

    There is also graffiti on the door of nearby 507 N. Harrington St., visible from the mailbox.