Melissa Marchetti

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  • 12300-12399 Ericole Ct Ellicott City, MD, 21042, USA - Howard County
    School Bus Driver called in to report icy road along this court, please send a salt truck.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    9821-9913 Gorman Rd Laurel, MD, 20723, USA - North Laurel
    Received a report from a school bus driver that there is a low hanging tree branch.
  • Pothole Archived
    Route 1 Before Entrance To Port Capital Elkridge, Maryland - Elkridge
    Reports from various bus drivers traveling along Route 1 have called to advise there are numerous potholes filled with water just before you enter the Port Capital area as you head Southbound on Route 1.
  • Dead Animal Archived
    Old Annapolis Road At Natalies Way Columbia, Maryland - Ellicott City
    A dead deer carcass is on the street directly in front of a student bus stop at Natalie's Way and Old Annapolis Road. A person traveling down Old Annapolis Rd toward Natalies Way right across from Centennial Park North.
  • College Avenue & Village Crest Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Report of icy road conditions along College Avenue and Village Crest.
  • 5940 Waterloo Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Evergreen trees to the right of the exit on Waterloo Rd are blocking the view of oncoming traffic for those who are turning left. A staff member of the school was in a minor fender bender when they were pulling out of the school.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Bushy Trail & Carrs Mill Columbia, Maryland - Howard County
    Tree limbs need to be cut back. Distorts the view for oncoming traffic for Bus Drivers.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    6298 Old Washington Road Columbia, Maryland - Elkridge
    Howard County School Buses cannot see oncoming traffic on Old Washington Rd when they are trying to turn Left off of Montgomery Rd. See picture below which was taken from the bus drivers window. **Potential Accidents can occur here**
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Old Stockbridge At Waterloo Ellicott City, Maryland - Elkridge
    Low hanging tree branch in right travel lane near stop sign, hits roof of school buses.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Carrs Mill Rd Columbia, Maryland - Howard County
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Old Washington And Hanover Road Elkridge, Maryland - Elkridge
    When school buses attempt to turn onto Hanover Road there are trees very close to the corner that have branches that hit the side of the bus.
  • Downed Wires Archived
    7809 Belgaro Road Columbia, Maryland - North Laurel
    Received a call from Bus 812 and they reported wires hanging down near one of their stops. The bus almost hits the wire. It seems to be getting worse. I'm not sure who to call for this, Any help is appreciated it's near 7809 Belgaro Road.
  • Great Star Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    The signal to slow to 25 just off Great Star to Guilford Road doesn't flash to warn. The sign on the opposite side of the street flashes.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Frederick Road East Bound Between Marriottsville Rd & Folly Quarter Columbia, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Trees need to be trimmed back due to overhang hitting roof and sides of school buses.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Florey Road Hanover, Maryland - Elkridge
    Low hanging tree limbs and bus drivers cannot see Hanover Road - cars might be able too because they are lower.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Fairbourne Court Columbia, Maryland - Elkridge
    There are big trees that have branches that block the view for Bus drivers to be able to see oncoming vehicles.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Old Washington Road And Hanover Road Hanover, Maryland - Elkridge
    Tree branches hanging over the corner of Old Washington Road onto Hanover Road and effect clear line of vision for school buses.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Brittany Drive At Kings Heights Road Columbia, Maryland - Ellicott City
    If you are a motorist you can see under the large branches, however, school buses sit higher and can not see oncoming traffic.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Deep Run Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Elkridge
    Tree branches block the stop sign (2nd in the development)
  • Tree Concern Archived
    8000 Blk Of Wellington Place Columbia, Maryland - Savage-Guilford