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Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 630
  • 501 High St. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Issue with trash & junk in yard under city code 4-1-3:Q. "The accumulation of junk, trash and refuse on property including the sweeping, placing or throwing of solid waste or other waste materials upon sidewalks, streets or alleys.
    R. The causing to remain in or about a premises any solid waste, weeds, motor vehicles not in operating condition, wastewater or any conglomeration of residue thereof, which emits odors, or serves as a feeding or breeding place of flies, mosquitoes, insects or rodents, including the keeping of animals in such a manner or in such a number as to annoy others."
  • 706 S. 4th St. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    There was a city "Road Closed" sign left in the yard near 706 S. 4th St. that needs to be picked up.
  • 4th St. & Mesa Ave. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Manhole cover is lower than pavement creating a pothole issue.