Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 70
  • 10334 North Tall Cotton Drive Marana, AZ - Avra Valley
    Comments I live on Tall Cotton Dr in Avra Valley and am the Vice President of our HOA for Tall Cotton Dr and Avra Vista Dr. We have issues with cut through traffic. We've done the studies and paid for speed humps, but still have those who can't resist using our streets as short cuts. We've requested speed limit signs on the North ends of each road, requested stop signs at each road with Lambert Lane, and speed limit sign at the east end of Lambert Lane. All have been rejected. What are we to do? Since those have been rejected, how about "No thru traffic", or "Residents Only" signs? We need to do something. Also, delivery trucks use Tall Cotton as a shortcut, such as Home Depot, Lowes, Sam Levitz. Is our road classified as arterial instead of residential? This type of traffic should be routed Avra Valley Road to Amway.