• 1492-1566 E 33rd St Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Tuxedo
    This car has been abandoned and left for weeks. It says "Private Patrol" on the back but it is not an official car of any kind. Please remove it.
  • 3227-3283 14th Ave Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Tuxedo
    This is not just a complaint...but really a question. What are we supposed to do when there is stuff that is not exactly garbage but then again...just abandoned items after two full days? There is a large encampment in the next block but this was placed in front of our door. Do we report it here? Need some advice.
  • 500 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Lake Merritt
    This car has been parked permanently for TWO months now.It has one man and three dogs living (and barking) inside. A gas can is left on the curb along with a daily bottle of urine. Other cars come and double park and bring things to this car and play loud music. BUT THE REASON I AM WRITING TODAY is that we saw a "parking enforcement vehicle" drive up next to the car and for a moment we thought maybe something would be done and the car would be made to finally move. But instead, the driver- a city employee- did a "fist bump" and thumbs up to the owner of the car and KEPT on driving around the lake. Minutes later, a police vehicle drove by (a truck, not a black and white car) and just kept driving as well. So if the city is complicit in allowing the noise, trash, inhumane treatment of dogs, human waste on the street, garbage and blasting of music to go on that is worse than even feeling that we are being ignored by city agencies.
  • 491 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Adams Point
    As great as OPW has been about cleaning up litter, for some reason this trash receptacle (used primarily by the people living in their vehicles along Bellevue) gets ignored, avoided or overlooked. Please check this location along the park side across from 491 Bellevue more frequently
  • 500 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Lake Merritt
    second day...not emptied and the "night time crowd" hasnt even arrived yet to add to this mess. please do empty. This is on Bellevue across from the corner of Bellevue and Staten
  • 492 Staten Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Adams Point
    Black car with blacked out windows license number 5XXE647 parked illegally (backwards, in red zone, in front of fire hydrant is blasting extremely LOUD music at 6:00 AM. Our entire building is shaking. I will also call police but wanted to get an image, license number on this site where concerned neighbors could see it as well. It is another vehicle we need to keep watch on. There is a reason these cars are playing loud music . Can you guess why?
  • 491 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Adams Point
    Red car on corner parked in red zone and extending over curb. No good reason for this... there is ample open parking on the street but this car is part of a cluster of car/van dwellers that are living illegally on the street . You can see their possessions piled up on top of the car as well as the fact that they are parked in red zone.
  • 491 Bellevue Ave Oakland, CA, 94610, USA - Adams Point
    Trash has not been collected for three days across from "car encampment" on Bellevue. OPW has been pretty terrific about cleaning up the park each day after massive litter is left by night time but for some reason, the trash that "services" the illegal car/van dwellers' encampment does not always get attended to.
  • 3227 14th Ave Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Tuxedo
    This car originally appeared to have someone living in it. Now we see no "activity" and the car is filled with "stuff" but none of it moves around at all so it really does seem to be abandoned now. People living and working in the building need to be able to park on the street. It is blocking the front of a business. It has been long enough! Thank you.