miss red

  • Rt 206 Princeton, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ7
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    Dead buck maybe 2 points? in front of Honda dealership Rt206N/State Rd
  • 29 Maclean St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    For some reason the trash truck picked up trash from neighbors on both sides. I saw them just pass me by but couldnt get out there to run after them. I have a box that is not suitable for recycling sitting there full of trash and they drove right on by to my neighbor who also had several boxes and they took them, no problem. And on down the street.
  • High grass Archived
    184 Mount Lucas Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Marked as residential but I think this is borough land. The grass at the northwest corner of the intersection of Mt Lucas and Jefferson at the stop sign is too high to see past at the stop sign. I have to pull out into the intersection to see past it so I can proceed safely northbound on Mt Lucas. Safety hazard.
  • Pothole Archived
    Nassau And Bank Street Intersection Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Not really a pothole but a utility hole cover is flipped up right in the center of the lane just past the light at Alexander (westbound on Nassau St) Near Bank St intersection with Nassau. One of the smaller diameter ones, Maybe 8" across
  • Pothole Archived
    119-209 Mercer Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Large rectangular pothole on southbound side of Mercer St, just before Springdale Rd. Msyb a foot long by 9 inches wide. Tough to tell from a car.
  • Maclean Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The honda ZNK*33P scofflaw is back ... parks all day from 11 am to 7 pm. Officer Rodriguez helped us shoo him away 2 weeks ago, but he is back again. Parked in front of masonic lodge near corner of MacLean and John streets
  • Other Archived
    Maclean Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Car parked from 11-ish to 7pm weekdays on Maclean street, in front of masonic lodge by john street. every day past two weeks
  • 31 Maclean St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Construction workers on Masonic Lodge rehab are pouring tons of plaster dust mixed with possible led paint contaminants into the Jackson Witherspoon neighborhood. I took a video posted it at https://youtu.be/CbWS_NIcZFc corner of MacLean and John Street