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  • Route 10 And Route 3222 - Honey Brook
    The traffic light on Route 10 and Route 322 was changed to 1 direction green light at a time has caused major disruption to this area. Drivers trying to avoid the delayed light are travelling at this speed on the back roads (Safety issue for children at play or elderly pedestrian that move at a slower pace) and drivers that do travel on these roads are constantly blocking entrances/exits to businesses and residence.
  • 4001-4199 Conestoga Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - US Congressional District PA6
    It's often very difficult to make a left turn from 401 toward Morgantown because of the traffic coming from both directions.
  • 322 And 82 - West Brandywine
    Left turns from 82 going both North and South is trecherous. Need to have light alternate each side.
  • 1711-1799 U.S. 322 Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA - West Brandywine
    need a protected left turn at intersection of 322 and 82...traffic backs up and only one car usually can get through and that usually means blowing the red light
  • 2074-2292 Ridge Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    ALL of the passing zones are GONE on Rte 23 from Rte 100 to Rte 82... This makes for a LONG drive. It is a nice scenic route but some of us have places to go and like to drive the speed limit.
  • Harmonyville Rd Pottstown, PA 19465, USA - Chester County
    There is a small stream that runs under the road next to 2081 Harmonyville Road that is eroding the foundation of the road bed each time we have a storm. It has been reported to PennDot in 2007 and again twice in 2009 but nothing has been done. School buses and heavy dump trucks travel that road daily and someday there will be a tragic accident.
  • Highspire Road & 322 - West Brandywine

    remove 1/4 mile passing lane on WB 322 near the Forks of the Brandywine Church. Make center turning lane for Hibernia Road, Highspire Road, as well as turning into Forks of the Brandywine Church, and the antique business.

    Several re-ending accidents, including a fatality, have occurred at the aforementioned intersections. Several years ago, the passing lane going up the long hill into Guthriesville were reduced. The same should happen for this tiny stretch of passing lane.

  • pot hole Archived
    1281-1599 Chestnut Tree Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    pot hole
  • 3127-3215 Manor Rd Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA - West Brandywine
    At least once a week when I am doing the posted 35 along this stretch of 82 from Pope John-Paul II school to 82 I get passed by someone. The entire stretch is no passing.
  • 222-298 Springton Rd West Brandywine, PA - West Brandywine
    There needs to be 2 stop signs placed on Springton Rd. making the intersection a 4 way stop. Cars pulling out from the stop on Highspire cannot gain enough speed to move out of the way of the cars coming down and around the bend on Springton.
  • 3557 Manor Rd Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA - West Brandywine
    The light at 322/82 needs to allow one direction of travel through at a time. It can take up to 20 minutes from Indian Run Village to get onto 322 East. Some times only one car turning left can get through each light. This intersection is dangerous!
  • 6-26 Seneca Ln Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA - West Brandywine
    it aint good!