College Park

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College Park, Orlando, Fla.

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  • 1306 Poinsettia Ave Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    The speeding that occurs down Poinsettia Ave, by Lake Ivanhoe is out of control! We have seen many people almost get hit, run stop signs, numerous accident nearly avoided and our streets have become increasingly dangerous. Our neighborhood where many children and families live, has become a cut-through during the day as an alternative to I-4. The above picture does not demonstrate the speeding but the horrible traffic when there was an accident on I-4. The speeding is easily visible if you spend any amount of time on any of the corners on Poinsettia Ave. With the high volume of pedestrian traffic of people enjoying the beautiful Lake Ivanhoe, we MUST come up with a solution. There are NO stop signs from NW Ivanhoe all of the way until Lakeview and the sidewalks are not complete for pedestrians to avoid using the streets where people are speeding. A huge stretch that has 1 speed hump. We are in need of immediate action!!! I would love to chat with someone in regards to some ideas we have for a solution but in the meantime, I invite you to come to our neighborhood and experience the horrendous traffic and speed we are enduring. Please, as a beautiful neighborhood and community, we are begging for your help!!!
  • 3501–3603 Grant Blvd Orlando 32804, United States - Palomar
    There are no sidewalks on either side of Grant Blvd, and many morning drivers are consistently driving dangerously fast down our street endangering students walking to school.
  • 2001 Ivanhoe Rd Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    The intersections of Gerda and Yale Street and Ivanhoe Road and Yale Street are becoming increasingly dangerous. Neither is a four-way stop, and cars are often confused at the intersections. People using these roads as cut-throughs are speeding, swerving around parked cars, and otherwise ignoring the speed limit. There are limited side walks (none on Ivanhoe Road), and without crosswalks or four-way stops, pedestrians are at great risk. I have complained to the City and my commissioner's office on multiple occasions, to no avail. Please don't wait until someone is injured to resolve this issue.
  • 828 W New Hampshire St Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    I dont wish for the tree to be removed, just evaluated as its an older larger oak that recently dropped a large limb on the street during a windy day. Thank you.
  • 3111 Formosa Ave Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    SGL hit this storm drain with Heavy equipment and now when it rains debris build up causing water to flood the road.
  • 1603 N Westmoreland Dr Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park

    This oak tree needs to be inspected for advanced decay and decline. Currently, I counted six large bouquets of mistletoe, a palmetto type bush is growing in the fork of the tree, a good size dead broken branch is precariously resting on top of another branch and there is a hollow hole in the side of the tree just below the fork. I have to pickup the dead branches nearly every time it rains and even more combined with wind. I am very, very concerned for people's safety and property.

    Sincerely, Helen K. Heavey

  • 1200 W Princeton St Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    I would like to follow up on my neighbor's previous comments regarding speeding on Princeton Street (west of Edgewater Drive). When the 85th percentile speed is almost 5 mph above the speed limit in a RESIDENTIAL AREA where children are playing, people are walking their dogs, riding bikes, mowing lawns, etc., it is completely unacceptable. I request a new traffic study for W Princeton St - I don't think we should be relying on one that was done over a year ago (the May 2018 one you keep referring to) since Orlando traffic patterns change regularly based on the endless construction in our area. I don't care if a few times a day an ambulance rushes by to get the the hospital to save lives. I do care if Joe Schmo in his junk hauler or giant black SUV feels comfortable going 40 mph right in front of my house so close to my little family at all hours of the day and night. This is not safe. I will be following these posts closely, and I will be gathering support from other neighbors to do something about this.
  • 1212 Guernsey St Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park

    There used to be No Parking signs all along Guernsey Street as you traveled east toward EDGEWATER Drive. On our block they are all missing . They disappeared when all of the various new construction homes have been built. Was this done intentionally? It has become quite annoying when cars are parked on both sides of the street and then lawn services and construction vehicles are mixed in. It is dangerous. Plus it makes it impossible for garbage and recycling trucks to navigate the street.

    Thank you for your help

  • Golfview St Orlando 32804, United States - Orlando
    Train crossing area, blasting horns past midnight. To my understanding with the safety features already there (the lights and bars) this area can be a quiet zone. Please advise.
  • 1100 Overbrook Dr Orlando 32804, United States - College Park
    Street/curb issue across from Overbrook Park. Broken curb from private bus running it over (among other people running it over previously). Driver even got out of the bus to ask for directios. When asked about running over the curb and breaking it, he said “Call the City”.
  • Western Way Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park
    Dead city tree in front of 1151 Western Way, Orlando. It is located on a cul-de-sac street with park/green space in middle. Multiple other trees are dead as well, this one is the biggest. Needs attention.
  • 1101 Shady Lane Dr Orlando, FL, 32804, USA - College Park