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  • 6299 Flemings Lake Rd Village of Clarkston, MI 48346, USA - Oakland County
    The left turn lane from westbound Clarkston Road onto Flemings Lake is dangerously long during the morning high school rush. Drivers are forced to make turns after the light has changed due to no left turn arrow. The traffic causes backups on Clarkston Road and unsafe conditions on a main through-way in the community. There have been several complaints this year.
  • 7212 6 1/2 Mile Rd Burlington, MI 49029, USA - Calhoun County
    The stretch on 6-1/2 from I drive to J drive is in bad shape from potholes and the plow destroying the edges of the pavement. Cars are having to travel in the opposite lane to get around the curve at 6-1/2 and I drive.
  • 1600-1998 W Pickard St Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Mount Pleasant
    There was yet ANOTHER accident this week where Bamber Rd and Bradley St. meet Pickard. It's just a matter of time until someone is killed at this intersection. Is that what it will take to get a stoplight installed? You've got two lanes of traffic trying to cross four lanes going 45MPH+. When Pickard was widened, a stoplight should have been installed! Please correct this error before someone dies.
  • 605-699 E Bellows St Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA - Mount Pleasant
    City should admit that this is a bad deal, remove it , eat the loss, and make it a safer section of road for cars, bikes and pedestrians.
  • 20701 20 Mile Rd Macomb, MI 48044, USA - Macomb Township
    A light is needed badly at Hall and Heydenreich. Traffic from major subdivisions north of Hall off of Heydenreich like to use this entrance to Hall. With the new development (Home Depot, Target, etc.) and the positioning of the turnaround light east of Heydenreich, this makes for a dangerous intersection. Please add a light so that Heydenreich has a individual light cycle to get out onto Hall.
  • Patridge Creek Blvd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Macomb Township
    The light on Hall Road should be AT Partridge Creek Drive. People trying to get out of the mall, especially those wishing to cross all lanes to turn around and head westbound, cannot safely exit because of continual traffic flow. Light needs to be placed at the mall access.
  • Hannah Boulevard east lansing, Michigan - Okemos
    Large Pothole in first turning lane. Majority of cars must utilitize as it is the first MI turnaround to go onto campus aka Service Road from Hagadorn Road. Tires fall into and causing unecessary car problems and risks.
  • 2025-2151 U.S. 24 Business Waterford, MI 48328, USA - Waterford
    for year's now the traffic light at Dixie Hwy and Kennett in the left turn lane going up kennett, needs to be BLINKING RED to allow traffic to turn when there is NO on coming traffic,.there must be a way to make this happen, We are wasting gas,time and that in turn is money. Please see if this can be corrected,I know i am not the only person who for YEARS now has sat and waited on this light and being first in line can seem like a long time when traffic is backed up.
  • 48112 48604 Romeo Plank Rd Macomb, MI 48044, USA - Macomb Township
    I live in the condo sub just south of 23 Mile Road on Romeo Plank. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get out my sub and turn southbound on Romeo Plank with the traffic backed up because of drivers making a left turn onto 22 Mile Road. There is no place for drivers not making the turn to get around the left turn lane, thus the backup. The road either needs to be widened or a left turn lane created with a traffic signal.
  • 48606-48998 Romeo Plank Rd Macomb, MI 48044, USA - Macomb Township
    When heading north on Romeo Plank, it is very difficult to see traffic to the East when making the right turn. When you do turn, the lane is so narrow, you bareley miss the cars in the on-coming turn lane.
  • Kalamazoo And Regent St. Lansing, MI - Lansing

    The small section of bike lane along westbound Kalamazoo St. just past Regent is in very bad condition and poses a majority safety concern for bicyclists who come upon it unexpectedly. It's been like this for sometime now. The pavement is crumbling severely. I believe a plow may have caught some of the deteriorating pavement last winter and actually pushed part of the roadbed up and onto the curb leaving a dangerous mixture of deep potholes and mounded asphalt. I've been meaning to post this for some time now. I first noticed it this Spring, but it has gotten progressively worse over the summer and into the fall.

    It's such a small patch, it would be great if the City could still get this fixed this fall, potentially when you are making other roadway repairs around town. The Township just finished patching a small portion of road and bike lane just East of this. Would have been a great time for neighborly collaboration.

  • 1532-1582 Joslyn Ave Pontiac, MI 48340, USA - Pontiac
    Joslyn Rd. Is extremly bumpy on the south and north boud lanes.