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  • 124 Jefferson Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    At this address and mid-block Jefferson & near high school. Walked to Avalon garage. Worker there said floors were being painted late in day with very strong paint & this probably source of odor.
    What is the paint? Brand name? Chemical composition? Piercing acrid solvent smell ongoing for several weeks.
  • 29 Cuyler Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North

    It is almost endearing that Princeton has contracted with Lightning McQueen to repave Cuyler and Dempsey. Mr McQueen has repeated the job he did in the movie "Cars". I hope Princeton will do what Radiator Springs did and make him scrape off what he pooped down and do a proper job.

    All joking aside, the new top layer stops about 1-2ft from the curb, forming a nice ridge ready to trip up bike riders. This is not safe, I hope you fix this asap.

  • 137-189 Linden Ln Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Petition to add storm sewer/drain
  • 169-175 Nassau St Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton
    I understand that the idea of domestic quiet, that we should, within the confines of our homes, be freed from the noise, the hustle-and-bustle of the crowd, is a novel right, one which is nowhere truly secured nor even fully affirmed. Yet, all this being said, the Say Cheez Band must be stopped. Night after night, after a day of toil, all I hope for is some respite, some safeguarded peace, perhaps to read, watch a movie, or sleep early. Yet, as regularly as the moon waxes and wanes, I hear it, outside my window, those simple power chords, that not quite in-tune voice, and it is a cover band, sure as day, charmlessly hammering away some tune unknown to me but apparently much beloved by the legions of baby-boomers lined up to soak in the unfettered noise like it is the healing waters of Lourdes. Yet for me there is no alleviation, the rangle-jangle covers provide no palliative care for my quarantine-addled mind; no, it aggravates the issue, inflames it, it splits open mental sores and sets my mind a-light. I have lived in Princeton as if it were the quiet, sleepy, suburban town I was told it was, I have paid heed to these strictures about noise, cleanliness, presentation. So, to face a rebuke like this, it is soul-shattering. Please enforce the noise complaint laws, please don't let the band play so late. I want quiet, I want rest. I know many are going stir-crazy, but this is not the solution, this is merely a new problem.
  • 1251-1279 Great Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Multiple potholes along the right side of the road beginning at the intersection of Heather Lane and ending at Cherry Valley.
  • 2 Shirley Ct Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton

    Concerning the new foundation that was just placed at the south corner of Shirley Court and Witherspoon Street, I'm not sure if it 2 Shirley Court, but that is close.

    I spoke with the builder and he appeared to be unfamiliar with the water issues we have around here. I told him how I had dug a hole only seven feet deep and a spring had appeared, bubbling water up from who knows where.

    Then, upon completion of the pit or foundation hole, and without pouring a slab, they set the foundation on gravel and broken shale, shale that they had broken up with a tractor-mounted jackhammer. Immediately, water rose in the pit and they scooped out a couple of depressions which are now sump pump openings in the concrete they poured after the foundation was set on the gravel.

    Okay, what's the problem? The problem is that the water rising in the pit is actually seepage from coffins that were interred decades and centuries before coffin liners were available. It smells terribly of decomposition (human remains), and it is the water itself that carries the smell, so that if it was routed into the storm sewer by a permanent line it would still be a terrible detriment to Shirley Court.

    I believe they should finish pouring the floor and then coat the cement floor up to the walls with hot tar. They should then pour another two to four inches of concrete, and when this is sealed with silicon, painted or otherwise covered, then and only then will the smell not penetrate the concrete floor of the basement in years to come.

    The walls appear to be okay, and coated with silicon sealant on the outside, so it is only the basement floor that could cause a problem in the coming decades. Of course, the sump pump might be a problem as well, so perhaps a French drain might be constructed somewhere, even on the graveyard grounds, and the water that will rise every year in the broken shale could be pumped there. Of course, the graveyard owners would have to approve, and they would have to be paid, as well.

  • Corner Of Battle Rd And Olden Ln Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    cars are constantly speeding on Olden Ln. coming from and to Mercer. Very dangerous when trying to cross the street. There is a bus stop at the corner. A 4 way stop is much needed @ this corner.
  • 2 Spruce Ln Princeton, NJ 08542, USA - Princeton
    This playground had been in disrepair for nearly a year. We were promised that this playground would reopen in Spring. We are now *well* into spring and NO work has been done in this playground. Can et please get some progress on fixing this playground and an estimated date floor reopening? Thanks!
  • 110 Bayard Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Owner of the property is very old and possibly in a nursing home at this point. The house is in such disrepair that it may need to be condemned. The neighbors are also very concerned because there are vulchers going in and out of the house through holes in the roof.
  • 201 Witherspoon St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Thank you Princeton for removing the old storm drains with slits parallel to the road: the ones that were effective bicycle tire traps!
    There is one left in front of 201 Witherspoon Street: could you please replace it with the nice new ones with short holes? Thanks!
  • 44 Hartley Avenue Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Many kids living in this area are using Broadmead on their way to John Witherspoon Middle School or PHS. A zebra crossing has been painted on this dangerous intersection, but not crossing faculty road where drivers are often speeding but only on Broadmead, which is a quiet road anyway.
  • 175 Hamilton Ave Princeton NJ 08540, United States - Princeton
    Water keeps flowing out from under the street now for many weeks to months- originating at the corner of Linden and Hamilton Ave