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  • Mountain View Coordidor Salt Lake , Utah - West Valley City
    You need to do something out the corridor and the numerous accidents on it. Why are there not yellow flashing lights all the way down that show the light is turning from green to red, in West Jordan this makes a Huge difference. Why are there not green turn arrows on every direction of this street! This has become so deadly, what does it take for you to look at how this road is designed and fix it. YES drivers are a huge problem and I have emailed my city asking why they do not have a bigger police presence at rush hour but why did you choose to design a road that is very confusing to some and not take ALL precautions to ensure it was done right! I was hit and my car totaled on this road at 11800 and the Corridor, why do you not have cameras there so people cannot lie and cause more headache and issues! How many people have to die before money isn't the issue but people are?
  • 3500 South 8000 West Magna/Salt Lake, Utah - Magna
    With boundary realignments at Matheson Jr. High School, traffic has increased significantly in this area and at this intersection particularly. A turn signal is needed on 8000 West, both northbound and southbound. This would help alleviate back-up in the area. Currently, only 2 cars are able to turn left on a green light.
  • 7189 W 3500 S West Valley City, UT 84128, USA - West Valley City
    Eastbound to turn north always backs up for several blocks at the intersection of 7200 West and 3500 South. Could we get some efficiency there?
  • 4465 Mountain View Corridor West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    When turning left from 5400 south westbound onto Mountain View Corridor heading southbound, the painted left hand turn is an abrupt almost 90 degree turn, instead of a gentle turn. This Causes you to come much closer than expected to those taking a right hand turn onto Southbound Moutian View Corridor
  • 3100 S 8400 W Magna, Utah - Magna

    Please install a left-turn arrow at 3100 S and 8400 W to turn from northbound to westbound. The traffic heading south on 8400 is so busy that only a couple cars get to turn left, and they get backed up due to children being dropped off at Cyprus High and Brockbank Jr. High. Some mornings the left-turn lane has 20 cars in it, and it takes 5 light cycles to get through.

    Some people choose to go straight and u-turn which is dangerous.

  • 4100 S 6000 W West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City

    I am a West Valley City resident with a child who attends Hunter Junior High School. We live in a new subdivision near the Frito Lay plant. Due to state budgets, children in the neighborhood are left to walk 1.9 miles to school. That alone is beyond belief, but the bigger issue is the lack of safety precautions the state has in place to protect our children.

    Most neighbor kids walk North down 6000 West and cross 4100 South. Here lies the problem. 4100 South is now a highway exit for the Mountain View Corridor. With this highway access, traffic on this road has more than tripled in the last year, as vehicles from Magna are attempting to gain access to the highway. This will only escalate once the final phase for the corridor reaches highway 201. Vehicle speed at times reaches 60mph as vehicles attempt to beat the lights. Even without kids crossing, this is a dangerous intersection.

    One of two things MUST happen:
    1- A bus be put in place to safely transfer kids to school.
    2- A school zone be implemented WITH crossing guards to ensure kids get to school safely.

    I recognize that a pedestrian bridge was built for the walking path next to the corridor. This however adds another half mile to the kids already 40 minute walk. Kids are like a river...they will follow the path of least resistance. So the bridge is not a feasible solution.

    We can’t keep playing the game of waiting until a child gets hit or killed before we do something. We can all see a problem, so let’s fix it.

  • Striping Archived
    7056 West 2100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84128, USA - West Valley City
    Shoulder striping is peeling in various places 1 mile west of 5600 W.
  • Westridge Blvd & Double Eagle Circle West Valley City, UT - West Valley City
    There are a couple of large potholes on Westridge Blvd that can easily be dodged, but while turning onto Double Eagle Circle from Westridge Blvd the only way to avoid them is to move onto the left side of the road on Westridge and turn onto the left side of the road on Double Eagle Circle.
  • Rough Road Archived
    3824-3830 S 8400 W Magna, UT 84044, USA - Magna
    Road close to the railway tracks has two giant potholes which could cause tires to burst.
  • Vegetation Archived
    Mountain View Corridor West Valley City, UT - West Valley City

    Yesterday you received two reports of property neglect through the UDOT Weed Control & Landscape Notification Request form on the UDOT website, one for the house at 3515 S. 5700 W. and the other for the house at 3631 Masters Drive, both in West Valley City. These properties were acquired by UDOT to make way for the Mountain View Corridor and both have been severely and unacceptably neglected. They are a huge eyesore, a public safety hazard, and a seemingly open invitation to criminals.

    As you can see from my recent post on the UDOT Facebook page the community is pretty upset about how UDOT has been managing properties acquired for the Mountain View Corridor project. I've attached several photos to show just how bad these two particular properties are. I'm told that the one at 3515 S 5700 W hasn't yet been demolished because of asbestos concerns, but that property and the one on Masters Drive both need to be secured immediately and the properties need to be at least minimally maintained until demolition can proceed. The need to be careful about toxic materials in these old structures is understandable, but it is not acceptable to leave your properties in such disrepair while demolition arrangements are made.
    Please let me know as soon as possible what your plans are to resolve this gross negligence.

  • 5802-5836 W 3500 S West Valley City, UT, 84128, USA - West Valley City
    I was the second car in line and the light turned yellow as I s started moving. 10 cars behind me went anyway. I saw this happen three times This has not done this until today
  • Striping Acknowledged
    5619 W 3500 S West Valley City 84128, United States - West Valley City
    With the construction the lines/lanes aren’t where they used to be, but there isn’t enough lighting, cones, or signs to know where the lanes currently are which results in people FREQUENTLY DRIVING INTO ONCOMING TRAFIC.