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Bully Report Anti Bullying Zone

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  • Vernon St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 4
    We have a Ward 4 Councillor, Ryan O'Malley, who encourages community. Also must encourage littering and trespassing onto private property a community plus. He is also Allowed to "cherry pick" who he represents and is a Voice for in our community, and spitefully at that, who also yells and rants at their community members without letting them speak or finish a sentence and hangs up on them without being held responsible, is highly immature, preaches community yet runs around spending his time filing to get his fellow city officials telephone records and emails bullying people, who assumes things based on one sided information yet states them as facts, doesn't give anyone he personally dislikes yet does not know them firsthand at all in any way, shape or manner personally a chance to speak, is studying to become an attorney and graduating next year yet disregards his own City's ordinances, is sneaky, a complete phoney with a bigger political agenda, truly does not care about community unless there is a photo opportunity, and deserves to be removed by this community. Do not vote for someone who doesn't care or give a chance to Every Single Member of Our Community (whether he really wants to or not). His actions and lack there of have shown me firsthand who he truly is and it's appalling to say the least. Apologies, to all, however, if Mr. O'Malley, a non-homeowner of the Ward, didn't inform this Community Member He Did Not Have Time for the Community Member/Home Owner/Resident who was born and brought home to this Community/Tax Payer of this Community and who does actually care about this Community and property and actually HUNG UP on them unprofessionally instead, this part could have been avoided. With all of that being said and honestly for the Community to know who they voted in..
    Ward 4 Councillor, Ryan O'Malley, Please explain to this gentleman how to use a trash barrel (he was just going through one on private property, I'm sure he could have used that) and kindly explain that he can get a fine for littering, even if he is trying to do it slyly and always on purpose, yet on video. He does not live on Vernon St. Part of being a good Community Member and a Good Neighbor is not throwing trash onto the ground at all and maybe add how in return, having it end up on other people's property is disrespectful to the Community.
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    131 Washington St Cambridge 02139, United States - The Port
    Tenants smoking in newtowne court playground after hours and bullying kids please add more security and patrols in newtowne court during the evening hours from 4 onwards
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    280 E Eagle St Boston, MA 02128, USA - East Boston
    drinking, urinating, smashing glass bottles & bullying There's a group of hooligans that sit at the chessboard tables next to the stairs to exit pressuring kids leaving the park, to buy drugs. These hooligans are hassling kids to buy their drugs, while kids are just trying to leave the park. This group of younger people say "this is our city & we're going to do whatever we want to, whenever we want to." These same people are drinking alcohol & smoking marijuana in the park after the lights shut off, smashing glass bottles, urinating in the park & they leave a mess. These r the same people who spray painted red on the basket ball courts. At night time this group of people sit on the bleachers or at the chessboard tables at the corner. Drunk urinating in a park exposing urself to people walking by & this has been going on for years. Walking home at night from work I would witness this and I started walking up Lexington Street instead of East Eagle Street to get to Marion Street. The area & park are beautiful and can be peaceful. Thank you
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    247 Trenton St Boston, MA 02128, USA - East Boston
    Bullying neighbors, threatening, harassing and defamation of characters.
  • 297 E Eagle St Boston MA 02128, USA - East Boston
    I reported my mail being stolen, thrown away, signed for, my social security benefits review was filled out with a child added on to it. I complained to this app in November 2017 about the mail and nothing was done about it. I made a complaint to the inspector general on the USPS website who told me to contact my local post office and so I reported this to the Brockton post office who told me to complain to the inspector general. nothing was accomplished accept now my bank account is being overdrawn by magazines ordered to the Boston address I moved to, but didn't leave a forwarding address
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    39 Hurlbut St Cambridge, MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Cars drive too fast on Linnaean and the road design, also encourages bullying of bikes.