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  • 488 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, BC V3L 5K2, Canada - New Westminster
    Over grown vegetation to ravine entrance on Glenbrook Drive
  • 481 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, BC V3L 5K2, Canada - New Westminster
    Sidewalk is buckling
  • 488 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, British Columbia, V3L 5J5, CAN - New Westminster
    I walk this route several times a week and can't help but think that someone is going to break a hip when we start getting ice and snow. The sinking ground (due to some underground issue) has caused the sidewalk to settle at a dangerous angle and it continues to get worse. I noticed the previous report on this was closed some time ago with action promised but nothing seems to be happening.
  • 488 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, BC V3L 5K2, Canada - New Westminster
    Can someone please replace the small garbage bin, now constantly overflowing with dog waste, back to the original large bin that was here? As summer approaches more waste will continue to accumulate and attract rodents
  • Other Archived
    613 Belmont St New Westminster BC V3M 5Z8, Canada - New Westminster
    Too many people, constantly, in the Belmont Smoke shop watching Keno. Same folks watching/playing keno crowd the Belmont Tower entrance to watch through the window while smoking. So much for the 6m bylaw.
    When the whole social distancing was mentioned to the owner, customers get quite rude.
  • Potholes Archived
    430 Duncan St New Westminster, BC V3M 5G3, Canada - New Westminster
    poor paving work has collapsed into a series of potholes and rough roadbed. extremely dangerous especially at night because the area is poorly lit. drivers slam on the brakes to avoid damage. Also, the road width has recently been reduced so cars swerving to avoid potholes end up in oncoming traffic
  • Other Archived
    522 Sixth St New Westminster V3L 3B4, Canada - New Westminster
    Smoking in the parklet! Enforce your no smoking rules!!!
  • 634 10th St New Westminster, BC V3M 3Z8, Canada - New Westminster
    there is a new 4 way stop here that should have amber flashing lights or a notification saying "new traffic pattern ahead". NOBODY is stopping at it
  • Glenbrook Ravine Trail New Westminster, BC V3L 5J5, Canada - New Westminster
    Sewer backup and overflowing in Glenbrook ravine park
  • 473 Glen Ct New Westminster, British Columbia, V3L 5J8, CAN - New Westminster
    The trail is overgrown. Please trim
  • 485 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, BC V3L 5K2, Canada - New Westminster
    Is it possible to get a larger can hear? With summer approaching the trail get used a lot by dog walkers, and this bin continuously overflows. There used to be a very large bin but this was removed and the replacement is not adequate.
  • 1415 Dublin St New Westminster, British Columbia, V3M 2Z3, CAN - New Westminster
    Gravel and sand blocking sidewalk. I first saw this on June 9. How many days will this be permitted? People in wheelchairs and those pushing strollers are unable to pass; the rest of us have to walk on the street.