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  • 2522 Hermitage Road Richmond, Virginia - The Diamond
    The open lot near the Diamond between the Avenue of Champions, Hermitage Rod and the Warehouse Building on Hermitage Road and Rhoadmiller st is overgrown with tall weeds. The weeds need to be mowed. We operate a beverage production and packaging company next to the lot and are obligated to abide by Federal and State mandated laws (Food Safety and Modernization Act for example) that forbid unkempt landscaped areas adjacent to a food production facility.
  • 418 N. 25th St. Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    418 N. 25th St., managed by Sterling Bilder Associates, and the site of East End Theatre Apartments and The Liberty Public House, regularly allow unscreened commercial trash to accumulate. They have not planned for sufficient space for all their garbage. The garbage and trash continue to accumulate. 2/14/18
  • 717 Chimborazo Blvd Richmond Va 23223, USA - Chimborazo
    I live in a building that has two supercans. One is relatively new and the other is falling apart and rather old. A previous tenant tried to get the old can replaced and somehow they came and replaced the one good can with a new one and left the old one that's falling apart. I don't know what caused the confusion but we need the old can replaced. Its the older model where the top and handles are connected and the top keeps coming off so its really hard to move. The top also keeps coming off after collection and has become rather warped. We also had two recycling supercans at some point and they were stolen never to be seen again.
  • 1090 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 4
    Overgrown weeds/plants are obstructing the view of traffic in the new traffic circle at Grayland & Idlewood. The circle is built on top of a hill. When coming off of the Downtown Expressway and approaching the circle, visibility to the left (of traffic moving westbound on Idlewood into the circle) is significantly obstructed by plants on the I-195 side of the circle. I have had a number of close calls in this circle due to limited visibility.
  • 809 Tilden St Richmond, VA 23221, USA - The Museum District
    Dear City of Richmond, Virginia , Please come pickup this salvage refrigerator. Thank you.
  • 1004 North Thompson Street Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Sinkholes and potholes on Thompson between Monument and Broad. My car bottoms out. People frequently swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid potholes. One sinkhole in particular between Cutshaw and Broad is worsening by the week. Unsafe for every type of vehicle and bikes. Road needs to be completely re paved.
  • 127 N 17th St Richmond 23219, United States - Shockoe Bottom

    Please help keep our community clean and safe!

    Thank you!

  • 4629 Leonard Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Colonial Place
    The back alley behind 4632-4630 Kensington Avenue lacks proper drainage and gravel. Whenever it rains, a significant amount of rain collects and remains for several days, if not weeks. Establishing proper drainage is a large ask, but in the meantime, gravel addition would be huge help. It would make the road passable and puddles of mud would not be commonplace. Please just add gravel to the alley way.
  • 1400-1604 N Boulevard Richmond, VA, 23230, USA - Scott's Addition
    Left lane coming down hill towards Broad St. It bent the rim on my car only going 15mph
  • 601 N 39th St Richmond 23223, United States - Chimborazo

    The number of pot holes within the 600 block of 39th street is astonishing. Rain collects in these pot holes and only makes them worse over time

    Soon cars will not be able to drive on this street because the road is falling apart from the natural preserve area in towards the houses. Last month a cars right tire hit one of the many pot holes on the side of the street and it popped.

    Crews have been coming out to patch holes, however no patching is being done on the side closes to the preserve area.


  • 2209 4th Ave Richmond, VA, 23222, USA - Highland Park Southern Tip
    This property has an overflow of trash everywhere. The recycle bin has plastic bags holding recycle items but the truck won't pick it up because of the plastic. It Stinks because it's been there sooooo long! There is even a bag of trash that someone threw up on the power lines about 3-mos ago & it's just dangling there and a car tire has been abandoned. It appears that they just open their back door and sling bags of trash out onto the yard. Trash blows everywhere because the animals scratch it open and it lands up ends up in my yard! This is an ongoing problem at this property. My last issue report #4560075 was on June 13, 2018 and nothing has really changed. It just piles up. One day, I caught a small boy in the upstairs unit trying to burn his trash in a mesh waste basket in the yard. He was going to just put the burning ashes in the waste bins full of trash without first putting water on it & told him this should not be done. This is becoming a hazard! Please help! This is disgusting.
  • 3106 E Broad St Richmond 23223, United States - Church Hill
    This property is and has been vacant and open for squatting. Door board has been pulled off and window board has fallen or pulled off. Back door is non existent And open for anyone to walk in. It’s very much an eyesore also.
    Thank You
    It’s actually 3104 E Broad St. For some reason, won’t allow this address to come up when reporting.