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  • 418 N. 25th St. Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    418 N. 25th St., managed by Sterling Bilder Associates, and the site of East End Theatre Apartments and The Liberty Public House, regularly allow unscreened commercial trash to accumulate. They have not planned for sufficient space for all their garbage. The garbage and trash continue to accumulate. 2/14/18
  • 2522 Hermitage Road Richmond, Virginia - The Diamond
    The open lot near the Diamond between the Avenue of Champions, Hermitage Rod and the Warehouse Building on Hermitage Road and Rhoadmiller st is overgrown with tall weeds. The weeds need to be mowed. We operate a beverage production and packaging company next to the lot and are obligated to abide by Federal and State mandated laws (Food Safety and Modernization Act for example) that forbid unkempt landscaped areas adjacent to a food production facility.
  • 1106 W Marshall St. Richmond Virginia - Carver
    In the alley between Harrison, Hancock, Marshall, and Clay streets in the Carver neighborhood, there is a loud, persistent, high-pitched beep/chirp emanating outside. It occurs about every 30 seconds. It has occurred for a few months now. After talking with a fellow resident, we suspect that the beeping is coming from one (and possibly more) dying fire alarms within the abandoned property at 1106 W Marshall St. The beeping disrupts the quiet for the surrounding neighbors, disturbs their sleep, and is a trigger for nearby residents with sensory disorders. Please address ASAP.
  • 1090 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 4
    Overgrown weeds/plants are obstructing the view of traffic in the new traffic circle at Grayland & Idlewood. The circle is built on top of a hill. When coming off of the Downtown Expressway and approaching the circle, visibility to the left (of traffic moving westbound on Idlewood into the circle) is significantly obstructed by plants on the I-195 side of the circle. I have had a number of close calls in this circle due to limited visibility.
  • 1401 North 29th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    Grass is growing out of control. Pls come out it and cut it, my daughter wants to play in the yard.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    504 North 27th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Large amounts of branches and brush chopped down by owner in alley behind 504 N. 27th Street, Richmond, VA 23223. Starting to decompose.
  • 1122 N 24th St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Fairmount
    this property has been sitting for 15 years. It's an eyesore, snakes, cats and other animals comes from the property. the grass. weeds and trees are outrageously ridiculous. why is thi property still like this???? Something needs to be done ASAP. It's not fair to others that maintains property!
  • 1117 North 27th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    This lot is in a vacant house and the lawn has not been mowed this spring. Mosquitoes are breeding and coming into my yard.
  • Overgrown Lots Acknowledged
    3006 Chamberlayne Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    Commercial Apartment complex - been that way for weeks
  • 2000 W. Leigh St Richmond, Virginia - Newtowne West
    City property along the N. side of the 2000 block W. Leigh St. completely overgrown with weeds. Also, serious potholes in the heavily-used alley which runs along it.
    (This property is on Leigh St. between Dineen and Middlesex Streets.)
  • Overgrown Lots Acknowledged
    1000 Idlewood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 4
    The overgrown weeds have completely obscured any visual drivers have coming off the downtown expressway and into the roundabout. The weeds in this section need to be mowed or removed completely, it's a major hazard for drivers approaching the roundabout and looking to the left for traffic.
  • 813 W 29th Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    The alley between W 29th Street and W28th Street is completely overgrown and blocked. Trash/recycling pickup hasn't happened down here in several weeks due to the blockage at the far end.