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Extended New Scotland Ave Neighborhood

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  • 23 Parkwood St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - New Scotland
    Sidewalk blocked completely by hedges. When I went to post this seeclickfix said there were already 2 posts regarding it that hadn't been closed. Great work City of Albany.
  • Albany Plan Of Union Ave Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Albany
    Blue Range Rover SUV at approximately 4:35pm went against the flow of traffic down the one way in the park.
  • Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Albany
    A renter reported two young boys (approximately 8 years old), one on a bike, one (more stocky) on a scooter with a back pack who were riding along Madison Ave. calling women "white b_tch c_nts" and telling then to "s_ck my d_ck." One of the boys also allegedly commented about stealing people's mail. They took off before the police could arrive but this could be related to a previous post from this weekend that reported young boys in the area asking for food and then sexually harassing women. These children seem in need of intervention/appropriate care and supervision
  • S Manning Blvd Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Helderberg

    It's great that St. Peter's has a no smoking policy for their campus. Except for any and all neighbors of the surrounding campus. Employees, contractors and patients alike simply exit the perimeter of St. Peter's to smoke their cigarettes. The result is an excessive and abundant ring of cigarette butts and litter surrounding the campus. Why should the neighbors of St. Peter's have to deal with St. Peter's litter?? This is a classic example of good rule gone bad and unintended consequences. As neighbors of St. Peter's we are sick of the the cigarette filled sidewalks on front of Dunkin Donuts, The US Post Office, Maria College, Temple Israel, Key Bank... the list goes on.

    We ask the board of St. Peter's - why should these fine business and institutions have to deal with the litter of your employees and customers? Let them smoke on your own property and YOU CLEAN IT UP!

    St. Peter's, we look forward to your response and dedication to solving this issue for your neighbors.

  • 700 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Park South
    More than 150 motorcycles motorbikes, and ATVs, just went up Madison Avenue headed west, in oncoming traffic, ignoring traffic signals, standing up on the seats of their bikes and doing wheelies simultaneously. They are out of control and are going to kill people. This is on the mayor and the chief of police who have refused to do anything about this serious issue for years. People have called the police ad nauseum and there is no response. All this has done is embolden these individuals to increasingly endanger others and now they're riding through the city in a huge high speed group. Someone do your job or turn it over to leadership and a law enforcement agency that can. No one appears to be in charge in this city anymore. It's inexcusable and pathetic.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Madison Ave & S. Lake Ave Albany, NY 12203, USA - Albany
    Dangerous intersection (and dangerous driving). Easier tonight at around 5pm, I witnessed a near collision between 2 ATVs and a mini-van. The intersectionality s still littered with debris (glass, plastic) from an earlier collision.
  • Illegal Trash Archived
    603 Providence St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    someone dumped this more than a month ago during the night.
    asked my neighbors and no one saw anything.
    it was covered with snow but now accessible, please remove.
    thank you
  • 700 New Scotland Ave Albany 12208, United States - New Scotland
    Please please please clarify the number of lanes with signage and lane markings for the length of New Scotland from Krumkill to Manning Blvd. Especially now with the Maria College construction that encroaches into the road. Speed and aggressive driver enforcement would also vastly improve the safety of this very busy thoroughfare. Near miss accidents occur dozens of times per day.
  • 686 Madison Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Albany
    5-10 cars in parked near basketball courts/skate park in pedestrian area.
  • 615 Myrtle Ave Albany, NY 12208, USA - Pine Hills
  • 58 S Main Ave Albany, NY, 12208, USA - Pine Hills
    I just visited individuals who lives in both 56 and 58 S. Main Ave and was appalled by the condition of the apartments. The windows are either broken or don't open, the walls are cracked, the paint is flecking off of the houses and landing in the windows sills, and the floors are uneven - it seems like a horrible place to live.
  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    35 Oakwood St Albany, NY, 12208, USA - New Scotland
    Talham paving company is pouring concrete outside my house on Oakwood St paving over recent National Grid gas line work when it's snowing, raining and 37 degrees outside!! They should know that the best temperature to pour concrete is between 50-60 °F. The necessary chemical reactions that set and strengthen concrete slow significantly below 50 °F and are almost non-existent below 40 °F (it's going down to 34 tonight). Never pour concrete over frozen ground, snow, or ice. Hopefully they are aware that concrete in cold weather is recommended to have a low slump, and minimal water to cement ratio, to reduce bleeding and decreases setting time. Talham should be using CONCRETE CURING BLANKETS to prevent freezing and keep the concrete at an optimal curing temperature!! I am going to advise National Grid of Talham's bad judgement and DGS should immediately notify Talham to stop pouring concrete in this kind of weather! Personally I've never seen concrete used for spot paving.