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  • Menlo Ave & University Dr Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    The crosswalk spanning University Ave by Menlo Ave (by Drager's) is confusing to motorists and dangerous to pedestrians. Driving down University towards Middle, motorists must contend with a) a strange double stop, b) a sudden, car-length split into left-turn/straight lanes, and c) an angled crosswalk. Moreover, signs/instructions are placed in unexpected locations. These unique features lead to cognitive overload, especially when pedestrians are present - it often becomes unclear as to who has right of way. While crossing this crosswalk earlier today (proceeding towards the side opposite Drager's), I was nearly struck by a driver heading towards Middle in the "straight" lane (on the far side of Drager's). While the driver was at the first stop sign, I began to cross, but a stopped car in the left-turn lane obscured the driver's view of me. By the time the driver was at the second stop sign, I was in the middle of the crosswalk and hidden by the driver's A-pillar. The car came within a foot of running me over and didn't see me until I was at their window. I have witnessed other close calls at this intersection as well. I'm not sure what the specific solution is, but my general feeling is that the intersection/crosswalk needs to be simplified. I don't believe the orange flags at this intersection are adequate (and seem unsafe given COVID-19).
  • 875 University Dr Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    A gas powered leaf blower was used to loft dust and noxious fumes at both 875 University Dr and 907 Oak Ln, at 9:30 am on Sep 15, a Spare the Air day, in violation of City code section 8.07.030.
  • Menlo Park - Menlo Park
    Corner of garwood and glenwood, there's always lots of junk dumped by the "donation" box. Why is the box there and can it be removed? It seems to just attract illegal dumping
  • 771 Pierce Rd Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    This is an empty lot at Sevier and Madera. The lot has a whole bunch of household garbage dumped on one side. Please have the owner fence the property to prevent dumping.
  • Downtown Menlo Park Menlo Park, CA, USA - Menlo Park
    Please address the issue of homeless squatting in downtown Menlo Park. Amanda, who is now spread out all over the old Flegels storefront and adjoining properties, and with carts all over Santa Cruz Ave, is now continuously shouting out at people. She really frightened a young family downtown today , as they passed, ( 6 ft apart- they have to walk in street to avoid her encampment). I spoke with a public health person a few weeks ago who was checking in on our group of homeless downtown, and the she said Amanda refused to be checked medically, so she just let her be. During a public health crisis, this is not safe for her or for the city. She is truly in need of some sort of assistance. I have observed her for the past few years, and this new behavior of shouting/screaming at herself and others needs some attention.
  • 1111 Berkeley Ave Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Pierce road between Berkeley and Henderson-- dumped from 1111Berk. avenue apts.
  • 482 Oconnor St Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Overnight parking on O'Connor St. near Byers and Euclid is out of control. There have been more than 10 cars parked overnight on several occasions. Please target the area and hand out some tickets.
  • 1415 Mills Ct Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park

    Please remove the unsafe Donation Box at the corner or Glenwood/Garwood Menlo Park, in addition to all of the trash that is accumulating.

    These boxes are a HAZARD and can potentially cause serious injury or death. (Google the FATALITY in Santa Rosa, 30 year old woman killed).

    Menlo Park authorities, please respond to this request before it is TOO LATE ! All other similar boxes in the City of Menlo Park should be removed also.

    Please DO NOT IGNORE this request and use Covid-19 as an excuse. Please take care of this promptly.

  • 100 San Mateo Dr Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    Hired gardeners used a gas powered leaf blower at 9:15 am on Sep 15, a Spare the Air day.
  • 2060 East O'Keefe Street East Palo Alto, CA, United States of America - Menlo Park
    Graffiti on fencing and utility boxes on East OKeefe side of street.
  • Rally Ventures - Menlo Park
    Human feces found on the East side of the building facing the fire truck. There is a homeless person who often sleeps on cardboard by the water fountain in front of Rally Ventures. I wasn't sure whether to tag this under "homeless encampments" or "illegal dumping"
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    947 Roble Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA - Menlo Park
    These two vehicles in attached photos seem to have been stashed/abondoned on the 900 block of Roble. They showed up at the same time two weeks ago, parked illegally in the wrong direction. They have not moved since.
    Asked a couple of neighbors, but no one seems to know anything.