New Haven: Internal PLUS

Open Issues: 24 Closed Issues: 300 Acknowledged Issues: 123
  • 55 Burwell St New Haven Ct 06513 United States - Annex
    No sidewalk access to get around the busy dangerous corner to get to the park. Hill is a danger. No sidewalk for students to wait for the bus. Parents are the city to develop a plan to put in a sidewalk for safety reasons. Please update the public on the status.
  • Mill St & Saltonstall Ave New Haven, Connecticut, 06513 - Fair Haven
    Side walk severely damaged need repaving at corner of Mill Street and Saltonstall Street residents that are handicap are having issues passing trough that corner.
  • 110 S Water St New Haven 06519, United States - City Point
    Curb knocked up by plow.
  • Parmelee Ave & Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - West River
    Sidewalk damaged by tree roots
  • 210 Goffe Terr New Haven 06511, United States - Beaver Hills
    Sidewalk is broken, missing in spots, and covered in debris and overgrowth, and is impassable. Also broken fencing and trash is present.
  • 1183 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    at least a 6" difference in surface levels of sidewalk creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians.
    In addition the left side yard is filled with debris and junk, a shame because a nice job rehabbing the property
  • 372 Sherman Avenue New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Sidewalk is broken, cracked and hazardous. Pedestrians have fallen; area is within 1 block of Hillhouse H.S. Please inspect for repairs or replacement.
  • 255 Peat Meadow Rd New Haven CT 06513, United States - Annex
    Sidewalk curb needs cutting to allow for handicap access and access by baby carriages.
  • 317–343 Edgewood Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Pavement markings missing for Edgewood Cycletrack and the streetlights installed during the winter are not working, causing increased confusion at an already dangerous intersection
  • Drainage RequestAcknowledged
    142 Curtis Drive New Haven, CT 06515, United States of America - Westville
    Flooding. Numerous emails sent to alder and other people in new haven. Street flooded all the time. Couldn't park in my own driveway yesterday because police blocked street. Been a problem for over 5 years. Water continues to pour into my basement.
  • 195–199 Humphrey St New Haven CT 06511, United States - Bishop-Hine
    Either concrete grinding or additional asphalt needed to alleviate trip hazard next to Dunkin'
  • 84 Russell St New Haven, Connecticut, 06513 - Fair Haven Heights
    Requesting side walks to be put in over here so children can safely walk to the school up the street.