Traffic PLUS

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  • 1 Greene St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    please paint the street markings for the fire hydrant opposite 1 Greene Street.
    thank you
  • Van Vorst St & York St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown
    The red paint is faded and cars park right up to the corner. My daughter and I were almost hit by a car turning right onto Van Vorst due to visibility. Can this be repainted and striped to protect the pedestrian crossing?
  • Brunswick St & Christopher Columbus Dr Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    Corner of Brunswick and Columbus is dangerous because turning cars often whip around and cut the corner short even though there are two lanes for them to turn into.

    We could use some delineators to better protect pedestrians and bicyclists at this location.

  • Kearney Ave & Martin Luther King Dr Jersey City, NJ, 07305, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    Handicap ramp at pedestrian crossing broken on corner of Dunkin Donuts
  • 514 Newark Ave Jersey City NJ 07306, United States - Journal Square
    Please re-open this See Click Fix request that was filed in October 2022 The issue has not been resolved despite bringing to City's attention over 14 months ago A large segment of Newark Ave bike lane was never painted green How are the contractors the city hires so inept? Stop wasting our tax dollars like this for incomplete work Traffic: Roadway Striping and Delineator Maintenance
  • 576-582 Manila Ave Jersey City, NJ, 07310, USA - Downtown

    Need traffic delineators/cones to prevent use of lane, leading to customer parking for Home Depot, by Holland Tunnel through traffic. The misuse of the lane slows down customers looking to park and also the through traffic when these cars in the wrong left lane try to merge back.

    Picture: Between 12th and 14th St (on Manila/Grove St), cars turning left towards Holland Tunnel entrance.

  • Bramhall Ave & Woodward St Jersey City, NJ, 07304, USA - Bergen-Lafayette
    On this corner there's always some van are vehicles blocking the flow of traffic going on to Bramhall
    Not only that
    There needs to be marked areas where vehicles will know and have no excuse that they can't park on these corners
    A red or yellowed out area
    And just a heads up hardly anyone is slowing down for the new signs posted in that area
  • 2nd St & Marin Blvd Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Downtown

    The lane shift at the intersection due to construction is dangerous. Although it’s simple, no one seems to understand it. The cars in the left lane who are headed north always verge into the right lane once through the light.

    Yesterday a bus heading south merged into the oncoming lane and almost hit me.

    I use this route multiple times a day and always have an issue. Yesterday I had 2 very close calls and I usually anticipate no one will follow the lines.

    It’s a disaster. Please help.

    I also see a request for issues at 1st street. No one seems to understand that is now one lane turning onto the Marin.

    Thank you.

  • 485 Marin Blvd Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    cones and delineator need to be added to mark clear lanes and division.
    commuters constantly ducking and diving into Right hand dedicated turn lane from 9th street to Tunnel. What is the construction update for this?
  • 400–498 Third St Jersey City 07302, United States - Downtown
    Is this a legal parking space? If yes, can we please have the red JCFD symbol painted further out into the roadway?
  • Crawford St & Orchard St Jersey City, NJ, 07306, USA - McGinley Square
    this corner coming out from Crawford/orchard Street is very blind. Recommend installing a curved mirror for traffic pulling out, and maybe some snek downs to encourage summit traffic to slow down.
  • Greene St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - The Waterfront

    Westbound traffic on Sussex Street ( Greene intersection ) routinely ignores or doesn’t see the RIGHT TURN ONLY signage painted on the road, and continues through the intersection.
    Exacerbated by parked traffic just before the intersection, which partially blocks the signage- see truck in photo.

    I have witnessed this for several years as we live on this corner. My wife works from home and sees this happen hundreds of times a day.

    This is a safety concern as they often drive quickly.

    Perhaps the traffic light could be changed to a right turn only arrow.
    The signage could be better.
    Parking could be restricted so the painted signage is not obscured.

    Thank you