Corona PLUS

Open Issues: 70 Closed Issues: 40,343 Acknowledged Issues: 246
  • Animal ControlAcknowledged
    1066 Sugarberry Ln Corona CA 92882, United States - Corona
    Coyote sick with mange being fed by neighbor and also attracting larger healthy coyotes
  • 2971 Everest Way Corona CA 92881, United States - Corona
    Home owner installed Large rusty steel posts in driveway right next to sidewalk. This is a permanent structure that does not have a 5 foot easement from the property line.
    It's ugly and not safe for pedestrians traveling next to it on the sidewalk.
    Shade structure does not match the neighborhood.
  • 2264 Avenida Del Vista Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    they are building a room on the south side of the garage, it doesn't look like it is to code
  • 2205 Vesper Cir Corona CA 92879, United States - Corona
    Wendy's building Drive thru window Wood has been chipped away Looks like window is broken I'm concerned about people accessing the inside when it looks to be a dangerous place to be
  • 937 W 9th St Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Garage conversion on progress.
    Please verify whether the job is properly permitted.
    No permit card is visible from the alley.
  • 728 Park Ln Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    building a ADU with no permits
  • 328 N Garfield Ave Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    this company is violating code bye taking over the Dean end street and have there business lot empty.and evere Saturday at 7 am power washing this towing truck and are cats yes got wash the day before why they don't use there patio so they put there business trucks and there drivers are very rude.. and sometimes they take over the streets and lm disabled l need to get home and there blocking the street with there's towing truck.
  • 1208 W Chase Dr Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Construction of retaining walls without apparent permit (no permit appeared in eTRAKiT search)
  • 1000–1012 N Lincoln Ave Corona CA 92880, United States - Corona
    Illegal scam sign hung on pole. Kindly remove . Unsafe thank you
  • 475 Hidden Valley Pkwy Norco CA 92860, United States - Norco
    Lights are not working in parking lot
  • 365 Atwood Dr Corona, CA, 92879, USA - Corona
    This pile has been on this driveway for over 3 month, when the starts to go down he gets another load delivered. He need to move to back yard
  • 1901 W Ontario Ave Corona, CA 92882, USA - Corona
    this location is digging using big machinery and a crane of some sort. The amount of dirt flying on the air is soo bad. the drilling is causing my windows to shake all day.