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  • 814 W Citron St Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona

    Block walls under construction @ east & west side property lines, extending to sidewalk. Doubt there is a building permit, based on what is there.
    1. Using gray precision block. Precision block not permitted in front yard setback unless stuccoed or veneered.
    2. No pilaster footings. City code requires pilasters @ 8' O.C. max in front yard setback. Pilaster footings are 24" x 24" x 16" & require (4) #4 rebar vertical @ each pilaster, per city standard detail. Neither of these are in evidence.
    3. Vertical rebar is #4 bars which are projecting approximately 5' above grade. CMC permits 3' max solid CMU wall in front yard setback, with balance of 5' max fence height to be decorative iron.

    Please investigate permit status and guide the builder to construct his CMU walls in accordance with City of Corona standards.

  • 1546 Ambersweet St Corona, CA, 92881, USA - Corona

    hello, i sent an email awhile ago and the city posted a notice on the tree saying it would be trimmed 11/10 but no one came out. i really need this tree trimmed before the winds start up again

    thank you

  • 1550 Marshall Ln Corona CA 92879, United States - Corona
    Above ground pool filled with debris and dirt /Algae in water
  • 899 Cleveland Way Corona CA 92881, United States - Corona
    Dead lawn, building materials in front yard
  • 2029 Wren Ave Corona CA 92879, United States - Corona
    The sidewalk here is impassible Please have the trees, bushes, etc, cleared so you can walk on the sidewalk
  • Cajalco Rd & Temescal Canyon Rd Corona, CA, 92881, USA - Corona
    This is a duplicate request since others have REPORTED week ago without any removal done. Why is it that code enforcement has not removed these signs!!? Signs posted up for LA Tattoo PLEASE REMOVE SIGNS FROM INTERSACTION of temescal and cajalco ! About 4 pink signs IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS!!!
  • 1920 Frontage Rd Corona, CA, 92882, USA - US Congressional District CA44
    Please turn OFF Miguel's Restaurant sign off Frontage Rd. They are no longer open! It is a freeway distraction AND it shines in local residents windows without reason. I live at least a mile (as the crow flies) and it shines in my bedroom window at night. My neighbors complain about the issue as well.
  • 1174 Turquoise Dr Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    Homeowner is failing to maintain their trees. They are severly ovegrown into Montara HOA's common area that is maintained by the HOA. These trees are a mess and drop A LOT of debris which takes the landscapers a lot more time than is necessary. These trees do not appear to be maintained at all nor have been in several years.
  • 1114 W Ontario Ave Corona CA 92882, United States - Corona
    SCE substation front Landscaping ID overgrown onto the sidewalk blocking ADA walking space. SCE substation on Ontario Ave west of Lincoln Avenue
  • 1551 Dominguez Ranch Rd Corona, CA, 92882, USA - Corona
    We live in a quiet residential neighborhood, but the neighbor across the street is always doing some kind of industrial metal cutting for probably for his private business, and there’s always this unbearable metal cutting noise at all hours of the day through out the week and weekend. He’s probably not allowed to make that unbearable noise where his business is, so he does it in our neighborhood, in front of his open garage, driveway or in his backyard, and it’s so unnerving I can barely think with such horrible loud noises going on All the time.
    Please help!
  • 19801-19891 Eagle Canyon Rd Corona, CA, 92881, USA - US Congressional District CA44
    Trash dumped near water pipeline
  • 2770 Griffin Way Corona, CA 92879, USA - Corona
    3D on block wall visible from 91 freeway just west of Griffin Park