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City of Sandy Springs

Open Issues: 9 Closed Issues: 3,258 Acknowledged Issues: 1,678
  • 920 Starlight Dr Ne Atlanta, GA 30342, USA - North Buckhead
    This is the first house on the street and the front yard is in terrible condition. Fence is completely rotting out and falling apart and multiple trash items in front yard.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    Loud groaning AC units at Life Center Ministries. 8:45 PM on Tuesday. Loud enough to be heard inside of my home. This is a clear violation of the City Code pertaining to nuisance. This code violation needs to be addressed.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    Loud, groaning air conditioning unit at life center ministries needs to be repaired and to have a sound barrier placed around it. It is so loud it can be heard throughout our neighborhood. This is a noise nuisance and has been reported many, many times. We wonder why Sandy Springs does not enforce the City Code on this situation.
  • Ridgemere Trce Nw Sandy Springs, Georgia - Sandy Springs
    Dump trucks dumping loads at Rockhaven development site on Mitchell Rd at 8:00 in the evening. Rockhaven is not a good neighbor. They ignore working hours on a regular basis. On Tuesday morning at 7:00AM they started up their equipment and started work. Are they're any consequences for their continued failure to comply with your regulations. Do you people enforce any of your regulations.
  • 37 Cliftwood Dr Ne Atlanta, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Tenants continue to park on the lawn and the grass and weeds are over a foot high
  • 7640 Ryefield Dr Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Dumping of stone and concrete from construction work in side yard. Will attract vermin.
  • 5501 Glenridge Dr. Apt. 951 Atlanta GA 30342 - Sandy Springs
    Water has been coming inside of unit 951 since February. Leasing office has yet to issue permanent solution. Flooring is soaked right now. 8/20/18
  • 6597 Long Acres Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA - Sandy Springs
    Address of this location is approximate due to the lack of a mailbox I didn't find the address of this property. The 6 foot plus tall weeds are pretty obvious please ask this property owner to abide by code enforcement for tall grass and weeds
  • 5960 Hilderbrand - Sandy Springs
  • 320 Amador Cir Ne Atlanta, GA 30350, USA - Sandy Springs
    Ladders, supplies, equipment should be screened with an enclosed fence or vegetative screen.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    11:00PM on Saturday evening. Very loud and groaning air conditioning units at Life Center Ministries. This is a nuisance. So loud, cannot sleep. This is excessive. City Code Enforcement needs to address this nuisance.
  • 2690 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338, USA - Sandy Springs
    It is 9:00PM on Saturday evening and the AC units at Life Center Ministries are whining at a high pitch and loud enough to be heard over 100 yards away inside of my house. Dear City Code Enforcement, please read the City Code and see that this is a violation of Code and is a noise nuisance. Why do you choose to ignore this issue? Please enforce the code and stop this noise nuisance.