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There is a parking lot behind Firehouse 19 Trauma Center (corner of Nash and Edwards - parking lot is on Nash). Last night some guy was parked there, got out and urinated, then got back in his car and proceeded to role what appeared to be marijuana joints for about 15 minutes (the urinator was in the passenger seat, there was someone else in the driver's seat. They were rolling with the car's map light on, so it was pretty easy to see). We called the police to come over; they came, but too late (I only saw them drive by, pretty quickly, about 45 minutes after we called). The car was still there but the guys were no longer in it. This parking lot has been a haven lately for loitering, noise, drug activity and what appears to be prostitution activity. There needs to be major surveillance and police presence around here. We need to feel safe in our homes and community.


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